What a Little Aging Can Do

Hello Everyone!  Darren has submitted a superb article about aging cigars:

Back in March I purchased a fiver of the Olor Fuerte, a Famous Smoke brand that looked like it would fit my tastes and could be had for a very reasonable price. So, I ordered a fiver of the robustos. I waited patiently for a couple weeks and then gave it a shot. I had also ordered a fiver of the ML3 which I reviewed and was hoping that this one would prove to be as tasty as it had been. I was completely let down and ended up quitting about halfway through the smoke. You can see my sneak peek here:



Afterwards, I put the remaining smokes in my overflow container with many other cigars to age. Now I haven’t had much experience aging cigars, so as most of you probably are I was reluctant to believe the rumors that you can actually age a cigar and improve the flavor. I mean really, all it does is sit there in the humidor (with the cellophane still on). So moving on with my story, today I was not craving any particular blend and wanted to have a little fun so I reached blindly into my coolerdor and grabbed a stick…… Out came the Olor Fuerte. My first thought was “Oh Great, another crappy stick that I will probably light and then have to throw away.” But I clipped it anyway and decided to give it a shot.


After it was lit I was literally blown away by the flavors that were coming out. I could not believe that this was the same cigar I had smoked before. In fact, if someone had removed the band beforehand I would have sworn that it was anything but the Olor Fuerte. Out came these mixed spices and creamy mocha that the previous stick had not even hinted at. Needless to say I am now a true believer in the aging process. So, the moral of this story is: Don’t give up on a new cigar until you have let it mature for a few months. Be patient because some simple aging can turn a bad cigar into a good one.


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