5 Responses to “Victor Sinclair Series 55 Corojo – Cigar Review”

  1. dj says:

    Okay, I have to admit: it sounds great to ME! Sounds almost like a pipe tobacco (or reminiscent thereof, i.e. *not* a Black & Mild). Pungent? Cedar? Mocha? Honey? You’re pushin’ alla right buttons!

    Yah, the main band was a bit much, but I kinda like the foot band. I’m like a crow: I like shiny things…

  2. Stephen Carmona says:

    I’ll bite. I like your reviews. I find them accurate. I don’t mind a bottom band. I find it protects the bottom of the cigars when I case them to go.

  3. phil bee says:

    I have smoked this cigar with much satisfaction right down to the nub.

  4. Erik says:

    I have agree with Phil, I’ve enjoyed them all the way down to the nub also so for a $ 2.00 stick I can deal with oversize band and other little imperfections

  5. MSL says:

    Agree with Phil as well. As with wine, there are those that equate quality only with price. This cigar reminds me of some of the great $8 Spanish Tempranillos i have been drinking lately – light on the wallet but quite tasty and enjoyable. I love Oliva’s and R Patels, but for the price the VS is a great smoke.


  1. Kylie Batt

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