Vengeance Maduro Ligero – Cigar Review

Cigar: Vengeance Maduro Ligero

Maker: Exclusive Cigars

Size: Super Toro 6 ¼ x 52

Prelight Inspection:

This is one of the best looking maduros I have seen since the release of the Pennsylvania maduros in the last couple years. It is thick enough to give it a leathery appearance but also has a decent amount of sheen to it. It is very firm and I really can’t find any flaws in the construction. The band is colorful, but also very dark so it does not detract from the maduro wrapper leaf. After the cut I am getting a nice medium pull, just enough restriction to let me know it is packed well. I am picking up a little bit of leather and spice from the wrapper, and a little sweetness is added when I sniff the foot. Well then, lets move on and get this sucker lit shall we.

1st Third:

This cigar lit very well for an all ligero. I’m getting lots of smoke from this one. Initial flavors are a smooth leather base with some roasted nuts and a pinch of spice. The burn is starting off really well. After about a half inch I am starting to get some sweetness but it is very light and doesn’t hang around long. The finish is short and leaves me with a tangy, nutty flavor in my mouth.

2nd Third:

Almost all at once the sweetness came right to the forefront. It tastes a lot like black cherry! Wow, I am really liking this flavor. After a few more pulls I am picking up some chocolate. The mixture of these flavors is really amazing. Burn is slow and near perfect. I don’t know how they did it, but this is the best burning ligero I have has thus far.

Last Third:

The trasition from the previous third added some coffee to the picture. These flavors are not overwhelming whatsoever. Every draw I take is loaded with smooth creamy flavors and I am only now starting to feel the ligero in my gut. This has really been similar to the Oliva Serie V in that the strength slowly creeps up on you. The cherry flavor is now slightly more tangy. Other reviews have stated that it has a dried apricot flavor, which I would have to agree with at this point. There is also a little more spice now, and I only detect some pepper when I retrohale. It’s not heating up at all so I am going to nub this one.


Exclusive Cigars really have a winner here! This is the best maduro ligero I have had to date. All the classic maduro flavors are there with a very smooth character to bring down the strength. And the cherry flavor that comes in the second third really seals the deal. I realize these are hard to get because I was forced to buy a box just to try them. I took a gamble and it paid off big time. This is truly a WOW cigar…. Must Try! Look for these on cigarauctioneer if you want a good deal on a fantastic cigar.


Flavor: 20/20

Construction: 10/10

Wrapper: 5/5

Value: 8/10

Would I buy a box?: 5/5

Total: 48/50

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