Vegas de Santiago Secretos del Maestro – Cigar Review


Vegas de Santiago Secretos del Maestro Toro Review

Size: 6×50

Thanks to Jonesie for giving me the opportunity to try a new cigar. I didn’t know anything about this blend before he sent it to me so here is a little history from the website:

We have created this cigar in memory of our late Cuban master Don Luis Lamas who was one of the 10 best in the world. We have chosen the finest tobaccos available in Nicaragua and Costa Rica for the filler plus a special leaf for a more sophisticated taste with an Indonesian binder and a Connecticut wrapper from Ecuador.”

It sounds to me like they went to a lot of trouble to find the various tobaccos to make the blend just right. After a little more research I discovered that this cigar is offered in an Ecuadorian Connecticut and a Nicaraguan Habano wrapper. Since the wrapper on this one is a little darker with more sheen I am going to guess it is the Habano.

Prelight Inspection:

Nice medium tan wrapper with very small veins and an oily/shiny appearance. It also has a well made double cap. My only concern with the construction is that it seems a little extra spongy, like they could have packed just a little more tobacco in there. After the cut the draw is just right so hopefully the cigar won’t burn hot. I would also like to note that the wrapper and prelight draw have a very fresh/sweet hay smell and taste. It reminds me of a fresh rolled bale of alfalfa….very nice. I am also picking up just a little spice on the draw. Im excited to try this one, so let’s get her toasted!



1st Third:

First few draws start out very toasty with a little spice but then it quickly begins to mellow out. Here comes that sweetness in full swing with the hay in the background. Also there is something else that I am picking up on the exhale that gives it just a little bit of tanginess. It is not bitter at all but just makes the cigar more enjoyable and complex. I like it!

2nd Third:

The cigar has become just a little richer. The hay is definitely still there but is now mixing with some leather and even just a hint of coffee. There is also just a little spice in the exhale and on the finish. The flavors are mixing well and for a mild to medium bodied smoke it is very complex. About halfway through the burn is skewing a little to one side. The ash is holding nicely though, and I just tapped it off before the burn went askew.

Last Third:

It seems like the last third of the cigar is packed a little more loosely because it is starting to burn a little hot. Now I am getting a lot more toasty notes and less of the sweetness and hay. Its still enjoyable but not near as much as the previous third. I did have to correct the burn once but it has continued on fine from there. With about 1 to 1.5 inches left I have decided to put it down. It’s really too bad that I am left with hot toasty flavors in my mouth instead of the sweet hay from the first two thirds.



This cigar really impressed me. I really didn’t know what to expect and I was introduced to some flavors that I had never had at the same time before. For those of you wanting a lot of flavor but in a mild to medium strength then this one fits the bill. I did have a few minor burn issues and in the end I wish it would have been packed a little tighter, but it’s hard to complain too much with the flavor this one had. Thanks again Jonesie, this one was a real treat!

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Would I Buy an Entire Box?  1  2  3  4 5

Total Score:  38 out of 50

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