Vector KGM Xcaliber – Cigar Lighter Review

Today I am reviewing the Vector KGM Xcaliber Cigar Lighter.  I received this butane lighter as a gift from Cheap Humidors.  The MSRP stands at $67.99, but Cheap Humidors has them for $44.99 right now.
When the package came I opened up the box to find the Xcaliber inside.  I thought the Xcaliber’s packaging was a little cheap for its price tag, an aluminum box would have been a nice bonus.  Oh well, how many people use the case anyways?  I was pleased to find that it comes pre-filled which means it was actually tested at the factory.  Just as I expected, the dual-torch flames blazed right up on the very first click!  Time to try it out on a cigar.
One of the selling points for me was the built in cigar cutter.  The first thing I noticed was that it is a decent size.  My 50 RG cigar fit right into it for a healthy sized cut.  Unfortunately, the button used to push down on the cutter feels a little flimsy.  The blade was plenty sharp and I was able to get a good cut on my cigar, but it is near impossible to get a good grip on the small and flimsy button used to cut.  If it was a bit larger (to fit big thumbs) and felt sturdier, this could be a good every day cutter.  As it stands, I will only be using the cutter when I’m in a pinch.
The dual flame torch was more than enough to get an excellent light quickly.  The lighter portion is on par with some of the highest end lighters on the market.  The button is easy to click, and it lights on the first click every time.  I am very please with the torch.
Overall, I think the Vector KGM Xcaliber is a good buy for the price.  The lighter’s flame is top notch and the cutter will come in handy for sticky situations.  My only complaints are the weak packaging and flimsy button for the cutter.  Those complaints are drops in the bucket when you consider the performance of the lighter itself.  If you are in the market for a lighter, give the Vector KGM Xcaliber from Cheap Humidors a try!
Rating: 8/10

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