Some of you know that this is my busy season at work.  Strangely, that makes me want to spend even more time working on the site.  Well, I have been doing what I can with the time I have.  Here are some updates:

Chatroom was added about a month ago.  This has been a very successful addition, it is here to stay.

The t-shirts in the store have been updated with a white background around the logo.  You can now see the logo much better on the dark shirts.  Also, prices have been lowered!  Keep an eye out for free shipping deals through spreadshirt.  Also, I will be giving away a shirt very soon when the next shipment of them arrives.

Feedjit traffic feed was added to the sidebar.  I love this thing… it tracks who is visiting, when, where they are from, and what they view.  Fun to watch!

Tonight I added a game room.  Let me know if you think this thing is goofy, but I like it!

Today jonesie informed us on the forum that SUC has been ranked 21 in the top 50 cigar blogs… I’m stoked!  You can read more here

As always, new reviews coming right up!

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