Screwpop Ashtray – Review

Screwpop cigar 1
I got a fun new toy in the mail courtesy of Screwpop – their new ashtray!  Long time readers will remember that I’m a big fan of their other gadgets, so I’m looking forward to seeing how this stands up.

Screwpop cigar 2

Upon first opening it up, it’s very underwhelming compared to other cigar ashtrays – it’s very light and fairly small.  This is a shocking departure from the industry standard of heaping, massive ashtrays.  I quickly realize this is actually it’s strength.  The compact, rectangular design fits in tight spots on my full patio table, and looks good doing it.  The main cigar slot will accommodate any size cigar, even today’s hulk-sized bohemoths.  There is a secondary v-cut slot for small RG cigars.  As I light up a cigar I find that the ramped area gently slides the ash into try portion and away from the stick.  The ash knocking “knob” in the center isn’t something I would ever use, but it seems like it would work.  I would have loved to see a poker in its place, something to open the draw on a tight cigar.

Screwpop cigar 3

Overall, this compact tray won’t be good for parties of smokers since it maxes out at holding 2 sticks and will need to be emptied frequently.  For the single smoker, it may very well be the perfect ashtray.  It is superb looking with a lit cigar sitting horizontally in the stand.  The best part about this piece is the price – the regular price is only $19.95!  It is currently introductory priced at just $14.95 – a real bargain.  You can find it here:

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