San Lotano Connecticut – Cigar Review

San Lotano Connecticut

San Lotano Connecticut
By AJ Fernandez
Size: Robusto 5” x 54

This is the third cigar in AJ Fernandez’s San Lotano line up. I really like the band. It’s got a lot of class and matches the smooth, golden colored Ecuadorian grown Connecticut seed wrapper nicely. The binder is from Nicaragua and it has a three-country filler blend from Honduras, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic. Cigar looks and feels like it is well rolled. Cold draw has light tobacco notes with a grassy background. Draw is perfect with a slight resistance.

First Third: The cigar starts off with lots of creamy smoke. On the first few puffs I’m getting a grassy flavor but it quickly transitions to notes of cedar and raw almonds. A mild bready or yeasty note fades in and out. Easy draw and near perfect burn. The San Lotano starts medium in body and mild in strength.

San Lotano ash

Second third: The ash is solid and is holding firm. I keep getting a touch of citrus bitterness, almost like biting an unpeeled orange, every once in a while. The cedar is dominating but the baked bread notes are still present in the background. A peppery zing develops in the back of the throat and sinus. A pleasant, slightly sweet, cedar aroma fills the room.

Last third: The bready note has faded to a more creamy tobacco note. Cedar and roasted nuts are the predominant flavors I’m getting. Still get that peppery zing sensation in the sinus. The cigar is producing lots of smoke and the burn is still perfect. The strength creeps into the medium range.

Final thoughts: I found the cigar one dimensional but I did enjoy the flavors and aroma the San Lotano Connecticut offered. Construction was top notch. The light citrus bitterness that happens throughout the cigar I believe would go away with a little more aging. There are other cigars AJ Fernandez blends that I like more than this one but I would still buy these on occasion to add to my rotation. This is a cigar that could be enjoyed by anyone. Give it a try!

Flavor and Taste: 14/20
Construction: 10/10
Wrapper: 5/5
Price Point: 9/10
Would I buy a box: 3/5
Total: 41/50

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