San Latano Habano – Cigar Review

Cigar: San Lotano Habano

Maker: AJ Fernandez

Size: Robusto 5×54

Prelight Inspection: The first impression is that this is a very well made cigar with a great classic look. The Habano wrapper is nice and dark and has and looks very toothy. It is wrapped nice and tight and with the triple cap the construction looks impressive. The double band is very elegant and yet simple at the same time. I’m not getting much aroma from the wrapper itself but the foot reveals a lot of sweetness and a hint of earth and spice. Lets not waist any more time shall we, bring on the flame!

1st Third: This one was easy to light and there is a large volume of smoke. The draw is perfect and the flavor hits the palate right away. Lots of that habano spice up front with some caramel mixed in there. Also, the finish leaves a very earthy taste in my mouth and I get a lot of pepper on the retrohale. Just a few puffs in however, it begins to mellow out. Nearing the 2nd third the spice has really subsided and the caramel is picking up a very buttery character.

2nd Third: The caramel has now completely morphed into a sweet, buttery flavor. It is also picking up a nuttiness that reminds me of that great homemade pecan butter that my mother used to make. That coupled with the spice is really leaving me satisfied after each puff. The burn is progressing very well and the ash is holding well and not flaking. Nearing the last third the spice is starting to increase again but that pecan butter is still dominant.

Last Third: I was worried this one would start heating up on me but it has almost been the opposite. Although the spice has increased a little, it has only seemed to mellow out and remain smooth and buttery the whole time. Nearing the nub I could not be more satisfied. I will nub this one till my fingers burn.

Conclusion: This stick was not at all what I expected… in a good way! I was expecting a full bodied powerhouse but instead I was greeted with a very decadent cigar laced with buttery sweetness. I had no issues with construction or burn so I could just sit and enjoy each and every puff. This is one of those cigars that although it was barely in the full bodied spectrum, it could be enjoyed by medium bodied lovers as well. It was full of flavor and the smoke was thick and really coated the palate. If you are in the market for a well blended habano cigar that won’t overpower you, this is the one.


Flavor and Taste: 17/20

Construction: 10/10

Wrapper: 5/5

Price Point: 9/10

Would I buy a box : 4/5

Total: 45/50

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