Romeo Y Julieta RYJ – Cigar Review

This week’s group cigar review is of the Romeo Y Julieta RYJ.  This one is a fairly new release by Altadis.  After using a cutter, the draw is very good on this cigar.  Not much flavor on the cold draw, just a little hay and spice on your tongue.  Once lit up, it has an earthy and creamy sweetness with a hint of citrus flavor and a spicy finish.  We love the flavor and complexity.  Later in the cigar a coffee flavor dominated, but it still retained the sweetness and spice.  Overall, this cigar was well constructed and had excellent flavor and complexity.  We highly recommend giving this one a try and think the RYJ is well worth the price.

StraightUpCigars: Rating:
Flavor and Taste: 19/20
Construction: 10/10
Wrapper: 5/5
Price Point: 8/10
Would I buy a Box: 5/5
Total: 47/50

Terry1: Rating:
Flavor and Taste: 19/20
Construction: 9/10
Wrapper: 5/5
Price Point: 8/10
Would I buy a Box: 5/5
Total: 46/50

7:43 PM
StraightUpCigars: I’ve got the Romeo y Julieta RYJ here, it has a perfect draw after cutting and I really like the spicy tingle the cold draw leaves on your tongue.
7:46 PM
Terry1: The RYJ has some stylish bands on it. Looks like they are trying to update the image. Reminds me of what they did with the Romeo. Foot band slid off easily. Just about right on the draw resistence. Not getting much of a flavor on the cold draw, maybe some hay. Ready to light up.
7:46 PM
StraightUpCigars: Lighting up.
7:47 PM
StraightUpCigars: I agree on the bands, I REALLY like the white band, you don’t see that often. Real clean and classy and makes the reddish wrapper color pop.
7:50 PM
Terry1: Wow the first few puffs are good. I’m getting lots of creamy smoke full of caramel sweetness and spice.
7:51 PM
StraightUpCigars: You nailed it on the flavors, I get the same thing. Very flavorful and tasty.
7:55 PM
StraightUpCigars: I also get a citrus flavor now. Really like this cigar.
7:57 PM
Terry1: That was an interesting start. The spice kept getting stronger then at about the half inch mark it backed off and is now balancing well with the sweetness. I’m liking this cigar too.
8:00 PM
StraightUpCigars: I’ve got a nice even burn and plenty of smoke, not too much of a surprise there given it’s an RYJ.
8:00 PM
Terry1: Now that the spice has mellowed I’m picking up some other flavors in the background, earth, leather, even some of the citrus you mentioned. It’s fairly complex but balanced.
8:04 PM
Terry1: I’ve got an even burn on mine. The ash is really dark. I just looked what makes up this cigar. Wouldn’t have guessed a Corojo wrapper.
8:06 PM
StraightUpCigars: I just looked it up too, not too bad a price for these, $8/single on A little cheaper than I expected.
8:07 PM
Terry1: Double binder as well. I like the double binder. Seems to help with the construction. Is the Jalapa tobacco where the sweetness is coming from?
8:10 PM
StraightUpCigars: That sounds right, the Jalapa tobaccos I’ve smoked in the past had more sweetness than most.
8:13 PM
Terry1: I liked the Romeo we smoked but if the flavors continue on this RYJ I may have a new favorite. I’m a little concerned about the advertised strength, full. Hopefully it doesn’t get strong enough to ruin the experience. I guess we’ll find out.
8:13 PM
StraightUpCigars: Yeah, I saw that. I have noticed it a bit already, but I think we’ll be all right on this one.
8:16 PM
StraightUpCigars: Speaking of RYJ and their consistently good cigars, I bought a 5er of RYJ Bully cigars to try. They’ll be in the next batch.
8:16 PM
Terry1: So after our last review I stopped at the liquor store and picked up the Elijah Craig 12 year and the Woodford Reserve. Either you or Darren mentioned the Woodford. Glad someone did because it’s really good.
8:17 PM
StraightUpCigars: Nice! Darren was raving about the Woodford, I’ll have to geet some too. What’s the Elijah
8:20 PM
Terry1: It’s a Kentucky small batch bourbon. It’s good but it doesn’t fit my taste as well as the Woodford. It’s bottled at 94 proof and you can feel the heat.
8:21 PM
StraightUpCigars: Yikes, 94 proof?!?! That’ll get you going fast.
8:24 PM
Terry1: I’m sipping the Woodford tonight. I get a light fruity sweetness in the Woodford like a pear or apple and it’s really bringing out the sweetness in the cigar. Very nice combination.
8:25 PM
StraightUpCigars: I bet that is an excellent pairing. I’ve been drinking
8:26 PM
StraightUpCigars: Simpler Times beer from Trader Joes (love this cheapie by the way), it too has a little sweetness that goes well with this cigar. This beer goes well with anything though
8:28 PM
Terry1: I’m past the halfway mark on the cigar. Nothing new to report. Construction and flavor has been constently good.
8:32 PM
Terry1: One of my lighters pooped out so I picked up a Bugatti dual flame lighter with my last order. Great lighter. Lights easily. The dual flames are angled towards each other so you get a strong single flame. Great for lighting cigars.
8:32 PM
StraightUpCigars: Yep, same here, although mine is getting a richer coffee like flavor now. I think it’s safe to say at this point that I’d endorse this cigar.
8:33 PM
Terry1: Yeah I’ll be buying more RYJs if I see them on sale.
8:34 PM
StraightUpCigars: I’ve always wondered about the Bugatti brand. I was skeptical b/c it seemed like they used the name just b/c of the car company. Good to know they make good stuff.
8:37 PM
Terry1: I was skepital too but I found a really good price and picked one up. Glad I did. My only complaint is you have to pull the inside of the lighter out of the housing to fill it. There’s no outside filler nozzel in the housing. But it’s got a hugh resevoir. I’ve used it for about ten days now and it’s still going strong.
8:39 PM
Terry1: The draw on mine is starting to tighten up a bit as I enter the final third. And I’m beginning to feel the nicotine now.
8:40 PM
StraightUpCigars: That’s a bummer about the draw, mine is still good so far.
8:42 PM
Terry1: I’ve also noticed that if I set the cigar down for any length of time it acts like it’s gone out. I have to puff on it a few times to get it going again. May be the tighter draw is affecting it.
8:44 PM
StraightUpCigars: I am in the final third now too, and the cigar has blown up with full bodied flavor. Rich coffee and spice.
8:46 PM
Terry1: Other than those two minor complaints the RYJ is smoking well. The upper band came off without too much trouble. The glue was right on the edge and I had difficulty grabbing enough of the band to peel it off.
8:48 PM
StraightUpCigars: Yeah, mine got torn removing it, kind of a shame b/c I wanted to add it to the cup.
8:50 PM
Terry1: BTW I ordered the Value Line Nic bundle. I’ll send a few to you when I get them. I hope they’re as good as the sample we smoked.
8:51 PM
StraightUpCigars: Nice! That was a very good cigar.
8:55 PM
StraightUpCigars: This one has come a long way from the start. It started mellow and sweet with a mix of flavors, it is now very full bodied and full flavored (also full strength). I really like the ride it took us one.
8:56 PM
Terry1: Agree this was a good choice for tonight.
8:58 PM
Terry1: I’m starting to pick up the coffee notes you’ve been getting. Goes well with the sweetness and spice. Very nice ending.
8:59 PM
StraightUpCigars: Yeah, this one is going out with a bang.
9:00 PM
StraightUpCigars: The last two weeks we’ve had big name cigars, and both we’re well worth the price. That doesn’t happen often with us, we’re often tearing down the big box brands.
9:02 PM
StraightUpCigars: Mine’s just about finished up. I’m ready to rate if you are.
9:02 PM
Terry1: Yeah I’m ready. I’m starting to burn my fingers. Hate to set this one down.
9:05 PM
StraightUpCigars: I just could not get enough of this one, it really takes you on a journey. A tad on the pricey side for our taste, but this one is worth it. Very impressive cigar by RYJ… maybe their best?
9:07 PM
Terry1: I’ve had most of what RYJ offers and I’d agree this is their best cigar. Strength got a little much but it was manageable. The tighter draw on mine cost a point but otherwise I’d recommend it.

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