Puros Huerfanos 681 – Cigar Review

Cigar: Puros Huerfanos 681

Maker: Drew Estate / Famous Smoke

Size: 5.5 x 52 (Robusto)

Some Info:

These cigars were released by Famous Smoke shortly after Drew Estate released the Liga Privada #9. Here is the info provided by Famous Smoke:

“Puros Huerfanos Blend 681 cigars are ultra-premium, overrun firsts from Drew Estate available only in a 5½ x 52 Robusto. Presented in boxes of 25 cigars, this full-bodied blend consists of select Honduran and Nicaraguan Cuban seed longfiller tobaccos with a Brazilian Mata Fina binder flawlessly rolled in an ebony Connecticut Broadleaf. The smoke is creamy and complex offering rich earthy layers of sweet wood and spices. The outstanding quality and low price make these fine cigars one of our best must-try values.”

I have spent plenty of time speculating as to the makeup of this cigar on the forum so I will not discuss it here. However I will provide a link to the forum page if you are interested.


Prelight Inspection:

Taking a look at the wrapper it has a very dark but mottled appearance. There are some color differences giving it sort of a marbled look. It is wrapped tightly and the cap is placed well. The band is very simple and just has the initials PH displayed in bold lettering. The foot reveals several different shades of filler. There is a very interesting aroma coming from both the wrapper and the foot. I can only describe it as woody, with quite an array of spice. The spice is most prominent at the foot. After a slice with the Xikar, the draw is nice and easy with a lot of that mixed spice on the cold draw. Time to start toasting.

1st Third:

Spice, spice, and more spice. Right off the bat this one is bringing the flavor. After just a few puffs the spice is mixing with a leathery, woody base to create a nice deep flavor profile. It lit very well and the burn is starting out very straight.

2nd Third:

The intensity of the spice has started to subside a little and some sweetness is creeping in. Now I am picking up a nice chocolate note. It has really switched gears and become much creamier. As I approach the last third the chocolate note has become stronger and now I am getting more of a coffee flavor.

Last Third:

Almost immediately the spice has come back to the forefront and is really tingling my lips and gums near the front of my mouth. Also, I am starting to feel a little ligero kick in my gut. Part of the complexity of this cigar has definitely been in the strength. It started strong then slowly came down in the medium range. Now it is stronger and fuller than ever before. As I approach the nub the spice is almost the only flavor coming through. It has a definite cinnamon flavor to it that is also mixed with something else that I can’t place. I have really enjoyed this one. It has required no touchups and has burned slow and steady.


Take the band off of this cigar and you would swear it was a super premium. The flavor was great and the spice was unique to this cigar. This one really took me on a journey with the flavor and strength changes. I will be sure to keep some of these on hand. This is another must try. When comparing the price of these (4-5 bucks a stick) to the Liga Privada #9 (8-9 bucks a stick) you definitely can’t pass these up.


Flavor and Taste: 19/20

Construction: 8/10

Wrapper: 4/5

Value: 9/10

Would I buy a box: 5/5

Total: 45/50

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