Pioneer Valley Especiales Maduro – Cigar Review

Pioneer Valley Especiales Maduro Robusto Review

This Maduro wrapped cigar has a very dark but also mottled wrapper with only a couple visible veins.

It has a spongy feel with a couple of hard spots.  I chose to use a punch on it.  The draw was very loose when punched.  I do not recommend cutting this cigar.  I also noticed that it is very lightweight when holding it.  It has a sweet chocolatey and earthy smell.

The Pioneer Valley Especiales Maduro is a mixed bag so far.  It has a good smell and decent looking wrapper.  On the flip side, the draw is much too loose and is very spongy feeling.  We will just have to light it up and see how it smokes.

The first third loaded with earth and coffee flavor with a spicy finish.  I am surprised by how fast this cigar is smoking and the dark ash is very flaky.  I noticed the cigar turning a bit bitter, so I am making sure to limit how many puffs I am taking per minute in an attempt to keep that from happening.

The second third features a very earthy and creamy core with lots of coffee and chocolate with a spicy finish.  The smoke is medium/full bodied.  This cigar is still smoking very quickly and the ash has been dropping off like crazy.  The flavor is good in this third but it has been tough to enjoy with the fast burn and ash falling off all the time.

The final third is complete construction chaos.  This cigar keeps going out and will not stay lit.  Both of my samples were having this problem.  The cigar going out has caused it to become intensely bitter and entirely unsmokable.  I have to put this one down early.

The Pioneer Valley Especiales Maduro really had promise.  It started off with good flavors and was a good looking cigar.  Unfortunately the wavering construction makes almost half of the cigar worthless.  The price is very affordable for these ($2-$4), but don’t waste your time, you will end up being disappointed.  I just cannot recommend this cigar.

Flavor and Taste: 11/20
Construction: 3/10
Wrapper: 4/5
Price Point: 4/10
Would I buy a Box: 1/5
Total: 23/50

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