Pinar del Rio Seleccion 2007

Pinar del Rio Seleccion 2007 Torpedo

Size: 6.0” x 52

Reviewed by Terry

The Pinar del Rio Seleccion has a rough, mottled, dark brown Pennsylvania broadleaf wrapper. It seems to be at odds with the classy white, gold and black band. There’s a criollo ’98 binder underneath with Nicaraguan and Dominican long fillers. The cigar I’m reviewing has the old packaging which was changed in 2007 but the blend is the same. The cap clips off nicely but the draw is a little snug. I get a nice sweet tobacco note on the cold draw.

First third: The cigar starts with a nice mix of wood, leather, nuts and green tea. Because of the tight draw I have to take a couple of puffs to get a good mouthful of smoke. The smoke has a nice sweet aroma of leather, cedar and a hint of vanilla.

Second third: As the cigar heats up a strong coffee note takes over. Burn is a little uneven but it self corrects and it has a good strong ash. I’m getting a mild spice in the sinus and the body is medium. The draw is getting tighter and I still have to puff a couple of times to get enough smoke.

Last third: I’m still getting coffee and leather notes and a pepper spice is building at the back of the throat but the flavors are getting washed out. I suspect all the puffing I have to do is overheating the cigar. The aroma is still providing a nice sweetness that keeps me interested. The strength builds gradually but stays in the medium range.

This isn’t the prettiest of cigars but I liked the flavors and the aroma it provided. My biggest gripe is the tight draw. It makes smoking the cigar a chore and hurts the flavor of the cigar in the second half. All of the five samples smoked for this review exhibited tight draws. Even dry boxing one for a day didn’t seem to help. I do recommend trying this cigar. The first half of the cigar was flavorful and complex and if the draw was better I believe the second half would only improve.


Flavor and Taste: 15/20

Construction: 6/10

Wrapper: 4/5

Price Point: 7/10

Would I buy a box: 3/5

Total: 35/50

By: Terry Mackay

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