Pinar Del Rio Oscuro – Cigar Review

Cigar: Pinar Del Rio Oscuro (New 2010 Release)

Maker: Pinar Del Rio

Size: Robusto 5×50

Reason For This Review:

I was getting low on one of my new favorite cigars, the Pinar del Rio Oscuro, so i decided to order a fiver from Famous-Smoke. I received the cigars about a month ago and was very surprised at what I saw. It was the Oscuro but the wrapper was darker, a new band had been added that said “Liga Cubana No.2”, and there was a blue velvet band at the foot. I mean, this thing looked like a super premium. I was wondering if I had received some special edition by mistake! So, I emailed the company and received this message from Abe Flores himself (the owner of Pinar Del Rio Cigars). 

“Hi well i reblended the Oscuro, and changed the wrapper to a Brazilian Bahia oscuro. They look and taste great now, more than ever..
Let me know what you think..”


Prelight Inspection:

Aside from what was already stated, this cigar has a very thick, and extremely oily wrapper. It is probably one of the oiliest wrappers I have ever seen in fact. I am really hoping it doesn’t hurt the burn. The aroma is of sweet mocha and spice. The spice is very prominent at the foot. The triple cap clipped nicely with my Xikar and the draw is perfect. Lets remove some of these extra bands and get this sucker lit!

1st Third:

This one starts off similar to the previous version with some sweetness and spice. However, within just a few puffs the mocha is right to the forefront and crowds out all the other flavors. The finish is nice and crisp with a hint of pepper. By the end of the first third the body has built up quite a bit and is now getting into the full category. Burn is a little jagged but the ash is holding well so I will let it go and see how it progresses.

2nd Third:

The mocha is morphing into more of a dark chocolate but without the bitterness. Instead a rich creaminess is building up and leaves me with a hint of maple syrup on the finish. There is more pepper, especially on the retrohale, and I am also starting to feel this one in my gut. I think Abe may have thrown a few more ligero leaves into the mix on the reblend. I’m really liking this one, and the burn is still doing ok going into the last third.

Last Third:

Just as fast as the cigar ramped up in the second third it is now coming right back down. The last third brings back the mocha and the spice. Also the pepper has backed off and is only present on the retrohale. This has been a fun journey from start to finish and I think Abe has a winner here. Oh yeah, I definitely nubbed this one.


Well, if you liked the previous blend and are not a fan of these fuller bodied cigars then you may want to snatch up a few of the old blend. However, if you are like me and really enjoy a fuller bodied cigar that doesn’t knock you on your ass…. then this one fits the bill. I also think with some more aging the wrapper will burn much better. Props to Abe Flores for continuing to improve his product so that we can have the best cigar for our money.


Flavor and Taste: 20/20

Construction: 9/10

Wrapper: 4/5

Value: 9/10

Would I buy a box: 5/5

Total: 47/50

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