Omar Ortez Maduro – Cigar Review

This week’s installment of the group cigar review is of the Omar Ortez Maduro.  On the shelf it is easily mistaken for a RP Edge because of the similar bands, but don’t be fooled this is no Edge.  The wrapper leaf is pitch black and looks incredible.  It smells like sweet tobacco and had a perfect draw after using a cutter.  Once lit, the flavor was incredible.  Creamy and earthy with a sweet mocha and then a slightly spicy finish.  Later in the cigar, some cedar and coffee flavor crept in.  Unfortunately some bitterness made its way into the final third which really took away from an otherwise great smoke.  Despite the lackluster finish this full bodied, yet affordable, cigar still scored fairly well and is definitely worth a try!
StraightUpCigars: Rating:
Flavor and Taste: 16/20
Construction: 10/10
Wrapper: 5/5
Price Point: 7/10
Would I buy a Box: 3/5
Total: 41/50

IamDarren: Rating:
Flavor and Taste: 15/20
Construction: 10/10
Wrapper: 5/5
Price Point: 7/10
Would I buy a Box: 3/5
Total: 40/50

7:41 PM
StraightUpCigars: I’m all set up now. I had mistaken this for a Rocky Patel Edge, very similar bands. Great looking and smelling stick. I get a sweet tobacco smell from the wrapper.
7:41 PM
IamDarren: im ready to go. I agree, a slightly sweet aroma and its the same on the cold draw.
7:41 PM
StraightUpCigars: Perfect draw after a deep cut. Lighting up!
7:44 PM
StraightUpCigars: Oh my gosh, the flavor! VERY sweet chocolate with some earth and spice. Spice is like that of Captain Morgan rum.
7:44 PM
StraightUpCigars: I take that back, not chocolate, mocha
7:45 PM
IamDarren: nice and creamy, im getting a bit of earth and lots of mocha
7:46 PM
IamDarren: smoke production is really picking up and im starting to get some spice now
7:46 PM
IamDarren: great draw
7:46 PM
StraightUpCigars: This is one of your picks, right? How come we waited this long to smoke it?!?!
7:47 PM
IamDarren: lol, actually Terry gets the credit. He sent me one a few trades back and i loved it so i got more
7:48 PM
IamDarren: Omar Ortez only makes three different blends and this is probably the most popular. You can buy them in chests of 50
7:49 PM
StraightUpCigars: Damn, that’s not how many you bought is it?
7:50 PM
IamDarren: lol, no. Famous smoke was selling them at the time and i bid on a 10 pack but i think CI has picked them up. He makes an original and a Maduro. Recently he added a Puro Maduro but I haven’t tried it yet. This is the Maduro.
7:51 PM
IamDarren: He uses a lot of Mexican tobacco
7:52 PM
StraightUpCigars: We had another flavorful stick with a lot of Mexican tobacco used recently, I don’t remember which it was.
7:54 PM
IamDarren: this cigar has tobacco from Nic, Panama, and Mexico. The new Puro Maduro is all San Andres tobacco.
7:54 PM
IamDarren: flavors on mine haven’t changed much, maybe mellowed just a bit. Burn is going great. Ash is still holding on.
7:55 PM
IamDarren: these are touted as full bodied but i think its more in the medium range so far
7:56 PM
StraightUpCigars: My burn is good too. Not much change in the flavor profile from the start. I would definitely say medium, maybe it will be full by the end.
8:01 PM
IamDarren: wow, just got a blast of cedar on that puff!
8:05 PM
IamDarren: Im at the halfway mark now and Im starting to pick up on some coffee and a little bitterness. Body is definitely increasing.
8:08 PM
StraightUpCigars: Definitely some bitterness creeping in here too. Still has some sweetness to counter balance that. I am going to purge it and see if it calms down.
8:09 PM
IamDarren: i set mine down for a minute and that helped quite a bit.
8:19 PM
IamDarren: holy cow, i just got one hell of a zing on my tongue. It started like a strong cedar then came the bitterness. I don’t remember the other ones being this strong. Im just approaching the last third.
8:20 PM
StraightUpCigars: My purge really helped with the bitterness. The sweetness is fading a bit on mine ;(
8:20 PM
IamDarren: huh, i tapped off the ash and then it was gone in the next puff
8:20 PM
StraightUpCigars: What humidity have you been keeping your new humidor at?
8:21 PM
IamDarren: well my humi beads are 70rh but the humi holds at about 67 most of the time.
8:22 PM
IamDarren: how about you?
8:24 PM
StraightUpCigars: All of mine have been hanging out at 64-66. It will be harder to keep them up with winter coming on. I’m curious to hear how yours does over winter.
8:30 PM
IamDarren: my cigar has settled back down. I purged about 10 min. ago and have been puffing slower. The flavors are still more full bodied and im getting some dark coffee but not much bitterness.
8:40 PM
StraightUpCigars: I’m a but into the final third and am still enjoying mine. There is bitterness, but nothing overpowering. I would call the flavor bittersweet chocolate with just a hint of spice on the finish. Mine is also full bodied at this point.
9:00 PM
StraightUpCigars: Right on. Finished my cigar up. I thought the flavor was fairly 1 dimensional, but good. The bitterness will take away some points. Great construction. I’d certainly have another, it seems like a great value smoke. Maybe the new Puro one next time.
9:01 PM
IamDarren: Same here, just moved inside.
9:03 PM
IamDarren: im ready to rate when you are
9:04 PM
IamDarren: if it would have ended how it began i would have rated it better
9:04 PM
StraightUpCigars: After looking it up, the price was a little higher than I thought. Man, these got off to an amazing start!
9:05 PM
IamDarren: the retail high but i got mine for 3 bucks a stick
9:05 PM
StraightUpCigars: That’s a lot better

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