NUB Maduro – Cigar Review


Cigar: NUB Maduro

Maker: Oliva

Size: 4×60 (460)

Prelight Inspection:

I’m afraid this isn’t the prettiest cigar I have ever seen. I liked the simple and elegant band (for which the Oliva cigars are known for). After that I don’t have much positive to say about it. The wrapper is one of the worst I have seen on an Oliva. There were several holes and splits in the wrapper. It felt very spongy and after the cut I found the draw to be way too loose. I didn’t get much aroma from the wrapper but I did get a sweet mocha flavor on the prelight draw which was nice. I am hoping that the flavors are great so that I can ignore the wrapper on this one. I just have to remind myself that it is an Oliva and they stand for great quality smokes……so don’t let me down!


1st third:

The cigar toasted very easily and is burning very well. Initial flavors are of wood and a sweet mocha. At first the finish was a little dry and lacking that creaminess that I have heard of, but after about a dozen draws it began to mellow nicely and lost most of the dryness. The wood makes for a great base and compliments the mocha quite nicely.

2nd third:

Burn is still very good and the ash is holding extremely well. The wood has backed off a little and now the cigar has picked up more creaminess. It is leaving a very sweet cappuccino flavor in my mouth now that I have come to like from the Oliva G maduros a lot. Coming up on the last third it is burning a little fast and I am really feeling the heat on my fingers. I hope it does not get worse.

Last third:

I’m only about 30 min into my NUB maduro and am going to have to put it down. Due to the loosely packed filler it has really begun to burn hot and I  am getting a very unpleasant dry toast flavor in the back of my throat. I wish the cappuccino had maintained itself to the end but due to the poor wrapper and loose construction it just was not in the cards.



I purchased an assorted sampler for this review and I found it interesting that the Connecticuts and Habanos had much better construction. The other Maduro had similar construction issues as this one. Even if I were to ignore the wrapper issue I still could not give this cigar a very high rating because it was not very complex and only left me with about 30 minutes of enjoyable smoke time. If you could pick this one up for 2 to 3 bucks a stick that would be one thing, but in its price range at 5 to 6 bucks its really not worth it for me. Of all the NUBs I enjoyed the Habano the most. It had much better construction and was more complex, with hints of spice and pepper as stated in Matt’s review. If you want a good maduro and like Oliva I would pick the G or O maduros over this any day.

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Construction:  1  2  3  4 5  6  7  8  9  10

Wrapper:  1  2 3  4  5

Was it Worth the Price?  1  2  3 4  5  6  7  8  9  10

Would I Buy an Entire Box?  1  2 3  4  5

Total Score:  21 out of 50

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