New Features on Straight Up Cigars!

I have recently gotten back to work on the structure of the website and am working toward my main goal of making this website a one stop resource for cigar smokers.  There are some new features to brag about and some other stuff in the works for the future.
The first and most important new feature is the “Submit A Review” page.  From this page you can type up your own reviews and have them permanently posted to theinternet for everyone to reference.  They will function in the exact same ways that my reviews do, they will even come up in Google searches.  There will be a preview of your review on the home page of SUC in the “latest guest review” box underneath Darren and Matt’s latest review boxes.  You can even host images on Flickr and have them posted within your review.  After submitting your review, it will briefly go to moderation where I need to approve it.  Once approved, your content will forever be used by other cigar lovers!  The Submit A Review page can be found in the main index at the top of the page.  I am also considering adding a button for it, just like the Forum and Chat buttons.  If you have any questions at all about how to submit a review, please let me know via the comment form on the Submit A Review page.  Who knows, maybe the first to post a guest review will get a handful of free cigars.  Below is a screen grab of the Guest Review Submitter.

The second new feature is one for all of you cigar bargain hunters.  I have a new deal tracker installed on the right sidebar (yeah, just look to your right).  Click on the name of the site to display the daily deals of the following websites:,, and  The deal tracker is updated live, so as soon as the deal changes on any of those sites, it is reflected on the deal tracker.  I think that this will really come in handy for us, unless of course we are trying to save money 😉
The final change is coming in the near future.  I am working on saving for a transition to a different Forum structure that should eliminate all spam.  This will be a giant leap forward in developing the community on SUC.  In the meantime, the Chat room is going strong, please check it out and join the conversation!
Thanks everyone for pushing me to continue moving the site forward!


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