9 Responses to “La Herencia Cubana Core – Cigar Review”

  1. Matt says:

    Wow, were you all smoking something else before you rated this cigar (medical smoke). All – in -All this smoke was very well constructed, very nice draw, great burn, good ash but the flavor was not there, it started out with a spice, then died out, too much leather not enough spice. I would only give this cigar to a non smoker or someone I just don’t like. Sorry guys you’re way off on this smoke. I wound’t check the box if it was given free with purchase of a fine cigers.

  2. Matt says:

    I have got to strongly disagree. Maybe your sample was bad?
    I found 1 other review on this cigar, and the reviewer compared it to the Padron 1964.
    Tell you what, check the box and I’ll pay your shipping to send them to me ;)

  3. Darren says:

    I would definitely like to know what the conditions were when you smoked it. Lots of things affect the burn and flavor of a cigar. Some cigars I like at 70rh and some have to be dry boxed before hand. Also, was it fresh off the truck. I try to usually wait at least a week or two to let it stabilize in my own humi. During this time of year temperature swings can cause lots of issues. While we appreciate your opinion on this cigar many others have liked it a lot, so I would just suggest that some other factor caused yours to not perform like it should.

  4. Robert Scogins says:

    I have smoked 4 of the coronas, and found them to be a damn fine cigar. My only problem is, I can’t find them by the box, or in singles. Only in a corona sampler from one of the online retailers. I continue to search, but no luck yet.

  5. Oil field trash says:

    Have to agree with u guys here on this one….great stick got it in a herf combo for christmas…cut it an smoked for a good hour out here 100mi out in gulf truely enjoyed it kinda like an rp edge flavor wise very good burn went astray but corrected it self no touch ups only flaw I had was secondary cap…but hey it gts chopped off lol keep up your reviews

  6. Richard says:

    This is a stick that needs some resting. I got one in a sampler from CI and not knowing what I had, sat in my humidor for 3 or 4 months at 65%. When I finally got around to lighting it up, it was beyond sublime and to top it off, not even a week later I get an email from CI advertising Lerencia Cubana Core belicoso 10 packs for 39.99 with free shipping, I was salivating at the mouth, jumped on that deal like a hobo on a ham sandwich.

    All I’m saying, when I want reach into my humi for something that’ll blow my brains out, my decision just got tougher.

  7. Richard says:

    This has to be the best and most complicated cigar I’ve smoked. Gave one to a Scots friend once. He said “Och! Penny for penny there’s not a finer cigar!” So far I agree, but willing to test the theory!

  8. G. R. Harper says:

    Fired one up last night. I agree with the guys that there is a hint of bread flavor, sorta like a fresh baked aroma? No pun intended! Paired it with a ‘Trois Pistoles’, a Belgian Strong Dark Ale (from Canada). Beautiful experience!! About the only time I enjoy a cigar is while I’m mowing (push mower!), or sitting on the patio with a premium craft beer. All in all, I will be purchasing more of these.

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