La Gloria Cubana Serie N – Cigar Review

La Gloria Cubana Serie N JSB Review

These cigars were given to me by General Cigar Co. in anticipation for Serie N day.

It has a pitch black oily Equadoran Sumatra wrapper with only small veins.

Spongy feeling, but it is evenly packed and feels pretty heavy.  The draw is great after using a cutter.

This is a very bold smelling cigar with a pungent earthy smell.  It is also very unique looking, with a pitch black wrapper donning an “N” applied to the cigar using a piece of different color tobacco leaf.

The first third of this cigar features a flavor familiar to all of us: black licorice.  The N’s full bodied smoke has a faintly sweet and earthy licorice taste with a peppery finish.  It did require one quick burn correction, but the ash held on for well past the first third.

The second third had lots of coffee, earth, and licorice flavor with a buttery pepper finish.  That tasty finish actually lingers until the next puff every time.  At this point, I can start to feel the high strength of this cigar.  I can tell this full bodied and high strength cigar will not be suited all cigar smokers.

The final third no longer has any licorice flavor.  Now it has loads of pepper and coffee with a very spicy finish.  It has a good straightforward taste, it is just too full bodied to be boring. The burn remains even and I only ashed this large cigar twice.

The LGC Serie N is another full bodied and high strength cigar released in 2010.  There were many of this class of cigar released in 2010 and they are geared toward the seasoned smoker.  I really enjoyed the Serie N.  It was not very complex, but the straight forward flavors were enjoyable.  The taste and construction were good, the cigar is unique looking, and the price is very fair.  I think it is the total package that leads to a unique smoking experience.  If you can handle the full body and high strength, give it a try!

Flavor and Taste: 17/20
Construction: 9/10
Wrapper: 5/5
Price Point: 9/10
Would I buy a Box: 5/5
Total: 45/50

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