La Flor Dominicana Ligero – Cigar Review

Cigar: LFD Ligero

Maker: La Flor Dominicana

Size: L400 (5.75×50)


First thing I noticed was the very smooth and tightly wrapped Sumatra wrapper. It has a very even color and has absolutely no blemishes with only very small veins. Nice gold lettering on the band but still simple and classy. Looking at the foot I can see several shades of tobacco in the filler that are packed well. There are no soft spots anywhere. Basically this is a perfectly constructed cigar. After removing the cap with my Xikar the draw is pretty firm. It is not plugged but definitely requires a harder pull that I am comfortable with. We will see if it opens up when lit…..

1st Third:

This cigar was a little hard to light and didn’t burn very even at first. Initial flavors are a cedar base with a decent amount of creaminess to mellow it out. There is just a hint of pepper with quite a bit of spice that lands squarely on the tongue. After a touch up the cigar is burning very well going into the second third.

2nd Third:

The cigar has mellowed out even more. The draw has started to open up a bit and is helping to bring out more flavors. The pepper is almost gone now with the addition of some mixed nuts. Also this cigar is leaving a very light finish. Instead of the richness I get with most ligeros I am getting more of a citrus type of flavor coming through now. It keeps the cigar very fresh and light on the palate. I really can’t even put it in the full bodied category yet. It definitely does not lack any flavor or that ligero kick, but with the creaminess and the slight citrus flavor it really pulls back the intensity.

Last third:

Burn has continued very well with no more touchups needed. The ash has been a little flakey but really held on well. Base flavors are still cedar and spice with some mixed nuts. The citrus flavor is also a little stronger and lingers on the finish a little. Also, I am now detecting just a hint of mocha but it never builds to the level of the other flavors. This cigar has not been too complex but the overall flavor profile has been very enjoyable. I’m definitely gonna nub this one.


This is a very well constructed cigar with a very unique flavor profile, especially for an all ligero blend. If you are someone who has been itching to try a little bolder cigar than this would be a great choice. It reminds me of the Oliva Serie V in that it remains mostly creamy and never really leaves the medium bodied category, yet has lots of spice and some of the ligero kick. I would have liked the draw to be a little more open but it did improve enough to make the last 2/3 very enjoyable.


Flavor and Taste: 17/20

Construction: 9/10

Wrapper: 5/5

Price Point: 8/10

Would I buy a box 4/5

Total: 43/50

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