Kuuts – Cigar Review

This week’s group cigar review is of the Kuuts.  The Kuuts has a nice barnyard smell to the good-looking wrapper and the draw is on the tight side after cutting.  Once lit up,we were initially met with a delicious mix of sweets flavors and roasted nuts with a slightly bitter coffee finish.  Unfortunately, that’s where the fun ended for my cigar, the draw tightened up and the flavor turned incredibly bitter.  After a ton of manipulating the cigar trying to improve the draw, it was no longer smokable.  I performed surgery on it and found two massive stems in the filler that were definitely the cause of these issues (you can see one peeking out of the foot in the picture below).  Terry was able to use a drill bit and improve the draw, but thee first half of his cigar also was overly bitter.  Overall, this is not one we’d recommend due to the stems in the filler, but we could tell it had huge potential if it weren’t for that bitterness.

Terry1: Rating:
Flavor and Taste: 14/20
Construction: 6/10
Wrapper: 5/5
Price Point: 8/10
Would I buy a Box: 4/5
Total: 37/50

7:42 PM
StraightUpCigars: The Kuuts has a very strong hay-like smell to it. The wrapper looks nice. Draw is a little tighter than I would prefer after cutting.
7:46 PM
Terry1: The Kuuts Nicaraguan looks like a well constructed cigar and the wrapper has a nice barnyard smell to it. The cold draw has a musty hay note.
7:53 PM
Terry1: My draw is snug but I’m getting enough smoke. Nice start to the cigar with notes of roasted nuts, pepper in the sinus, some mild sweetness and a bit of black coffee bitterness on the finish.
7:55 PM
StraightUpCigars: I’m going to have to loosen up my draw here, but I am hit with a really delicious brown sugar sweetness with each puff.
7:56 PM
Terry1: Yeah I’m thinking the same. Draw is getting tighter as the cigar heats up.
7:58 PM
StraightUpCigars: I used a pocket knife to cut an x into the head’s tobacco and that seems to have done the trick.
8:01 PM
StraightUpCigars: I agree with what you noted, roasted nuts and sugary sweetness, it does have a coffee bitterness to it. I really like it, still struggling with this draw a bit.
8:05 PM
Terry1: I used a drill bit again. Seemed to work. I’m struggling with how much I like this cigar. The initial flavors are great but shortly after exhaling I get that bitterness. So far I’m liking it enough to continue and see where this goes.
8:07 PM
StraightUpCigars: I can’t get enough of the flavor, I like the balance b/n the sweetness and bitterness. Unfortunately I’ve found two stems in mine. I tried to pull them out with the pliers, but they broke off.
8:09 PM
StraightUpCigars: These were free samples, BTW. I looked them up and they’re not cheap.
8:13 PM
Terry1: I bought the Kuuts sampler Famous has on their site. This one is reminding me of the Miro. Good flavors but a nasty bitterness on the finish. I wonder if they need just a bit more aging.
8:14 PM
Terry1: I am enjoying the overall flavor of this cigar better than the Miro.
8:15 PM
Terry1: Now that the draw has opened up I’m getting plenty of smoke and the burn has been about perfect.
8:19 PM
StraightUpCigars: I really want to like this one, but it’s just not there for me. I’ve manipulated this one so much to get the draw open that the wrapper is cracked all over. The bitterness, and probably the draw issues, are almost certainly due to 2 very large stems.
8:20 PM
Terry1: I’m about half way and the bitterness has really dropped off for me. Flavors are about the same, roasted nuts, some sweetness and pepper.
8:21 PM
Terry1: I think you’re right about the stems. I found a small stem in mine and managed to pull it out. Draw really improved and that was when the bitterness dropped off.
8:22 PM
StraightUpCigars: I can tell this would be a fantastic cigar if it weren’t for those stems. The underlying flavors are great, but I can’t get past that bold bitterness that keeps increasing. I’d like to trade you cigars for a couple of puffs
8:26 PM
Terry1: Yeah it’s really different now. Much better. If stems are an ongoing problem I don’t see them getting many repeat buyers.
8:28 PM
StraightUpCigars: Mine hardly smokeable, I’m going to perform an autopsy.
8:30 PM
Terry1: Band came off easily. That sweetness is becoming more of a caramel and a hint of a floral note is emerging. I feel bad you couldn’t salvage the cigar. You’re right about the underlying flavors. I’m enjoying this second half.
8:32 PM
Terry1: We need Darren tonight to break the tie. Is this one good or bad? Hard to tell with our two samples.
8:33 PM
StraightUpCigars: What a damn shame. It’s nice big ligero filler, but the giant stems are left in 3 of the leaves. I can’t for the life of me figure why they would do that. Maybe mine was just from a lazy roller?
8:34 PM
StraightUpCigars: You’re right, I REALLY want to know how Darren’s is.
8:35 PM
Terry1: No excuse for leaving those stems in. Poor quality control at the factory.
8:37 PM
StraightUpCigars: I even like the logo and band on this one. Good backstory with the factory. They came with glossy paper write-ups with neat artwork. Bummer.
8:38 PM
Terry1: I’ve got about an inch left. If you want to rate it now I could.
8:39 PM
StraightUpCigars: I’m just hanging out now, keep puffing.
8:41 PM
Terry1: Okay. Strength is getting into the medium range.
8:42 PM
StraightUpCigars: Did it warm up there yet?
8:43 PM
Terry1: Yeah we are in the 70s. Loving the early spring.
8:44 PM
StraightUpCigars: Nice! We’ve had some sunny days in the 60’s this week. Can’t wait to get outside more.
8:46 PM
StraightUpCigars: I hibernated a little too hard this winter, need to get back into “shape”
8:49 PM
Terry1: I hear you. My pants are tighter now. Need to do some yardwork and loose a few pounds. I’m about done now. The nub is getting hot. Same great flavors. Nicotine is getting to me a little. Too bad about the stems. Ruined your cigar and affected the first half of mine.
8:52 PM
StraightUpCigars: Yeah, this one should have been fantastic, but they dropped the ball. Oh well, glad we lit one up tonight.
8:53 PM
Terry1: This was a tell of two different experiences. Second half scored well for me but the first half really brought the scores down. Glad to have tried it.

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