Joyo De Nicaragua Rosalones – Cigar Review

This week’s group cigar review is of the Joyo De Nicaragua Rosalones.  JDN cigars are known for their strength, we’ll see how this one stacks up.   The Rosalones has a sweet cedar smell and taste prior to lighting, and a perfect draw after cutting.  One lit up, the flavor is a perfect balance between tangy/sweet cream and pepper and spice.  Later on, a coffee flavor is dominant and it remains peppery and spicy.  Sure enough, this one had some strength to it, but isn’t as powerful as some other JDN cigars.  Overall, this one had good flavor that was surprisingly well balanced, perfect construction, and a low price.  We recommend it!

Terry1: Rating:
Flavor and Taste: 17/20
Construction: 10/10
Wrapper: 5/5
Price Point: 10/10
Would I buy a Box: 4/5
Total: 46/50
Sep 23 2014, 8:45 PM
IamDarren: sorry, lost power for a min.

IamDarren: Rating:
Flavor and Taste: 17/20
Construction: 10/10
Wrapper: 5/5
Price Point: 10/10
Would I buy a Box: 5/5
Total: 47/50

7:38 PM
IamDarren: got my Rosalones clipped and it has a nice draw and a sweet cedary flavor on the cold draw
7:40 PM
Terry1: Very nice aroma off the wrapper. Clipped the end and the draw is great. There is some sweetness there. Ready to light.
7:43 PM
IamDarren: sorry, lost my internet for a min. I am lighting up
7:44 PM
Terry1: The Rosalones lit easily. Getting lots of creamy smoke. Right off the bat the aroma is very sweet. There’s a zingy pepper in the sinus. Good start.
7:45 PM
IamDarren: yeah, getting a nice sweet and tangy flavor up front followed by spice and some pepper on the finish. Quite nice
7:47 PM
IamDarren: Should have known, this is a Joya De Nicaragua cigar… they always have plenty of spice and pepper. I really like the balance on this one so far.
7:48 PM
IamDarren: we have a bit of a storm rolling through so i hope my internet doesn’t die again. Lots of lightning around.
7:49 PM
Terry1: I had to look up the details on this cigar. Didn’t know much about it. I’m glad to see it’s advertised as a milder JDN. It’s got a Criollo wrapper and Habano binder. Nicaraguan puro.
7:50 PM
IamDarren: A couple years ago i got a pack of JDN Fuertes. They were 2 bucks a piece and make great yard gars. They have mellowed out some since then.
7:53 PM
Terry1: I’m curious about the Joyo Red. It sounds like something I’d like. This cigar is pretty good. It’s got a lot of flavor. I’m getting a floral note now that’s mixing nicely with the sweet and pepper.
7:54 PM
IamDarren: i was trying to pick out that tangy flavor i get every few puffs, that could be it.
7:55 PM
Terry1: I agree it’s a tangy flavor. Floral may not be exactly right but I’m liking it. I get a slight coffee bitterness on the finish.
7:57 PM
IamDarren: its definitely got some complexity. Im glad they took the opportunity to make a more medium bodied cigar. I think you can pick out a lot of flavors because they don’t get overpowered. Really liking it so far.
7:58 PM
IamDarren: but that retrohale still has plenty of kick to it
7:58 PM
Terry1: Do you think this is the robusto or corona size?
7:59 PM
IamDarren: I just looked it up, I think this is the Consul. Its a small robusto. They also make a 5×52 robusto.
8:00 PM
IamDarren: Just lost the ash in the tray at about an inch. Perfect burn and construction so far.
8:00 PM
IamDarren: Looks like this one is priced around the 4 dollar mark. Good value
8:01 PM
Terry1: It’s a nice size. I like it. Getting lots of flavors. Yeah it is a good value.
8:02 PM
IamDarren: yep, Matt is missing out on this one.
8:03 PM
IamDarren: getting any Fall weather yet out there?
8:03 PM
IamDarren: the nights have been in the 50s here
8:05 PM
Terry1: Not yet. It’s still in the 80s here. But this weekend it looks like a big change. Temps will be in the low 70s, night in the 40s.
8:06 PM
IamDarren: i love Fall, probably my favorite time of year. Your body is used to the hot weather so that cool crisp air feels great.
8:07 PM
IamDarren: just crossed the halfway mark. Removed the band easily. Strength might be creeping up a bit. Getting a bit more pepper and coffee on the finish.
8:08 PM
Terry1: I’m noticing more of the sweetness now. The tangy flavor is minimal. And just when I think the cigar is mellowing I retrohale and get that blast of pepper. Makes it interesting.
8:09 PM
IamDarren: btw, got one of these samplers to review. We will all be smoking a different size so this is your chance to pick which one you want
[Search – Cigars International]
Search – Cigars International
8:12 PM
Terry1: Nice a new Oliva cigar. Haven’t noticed it yet. I’ll do the robusto size. You guys tend to smoke a little faster than I do. Maybe we can end at the same time with this one.
8:13 PM
IamDarren: lol, good point. The band is pretty cool. Although i don’t normally like huge bands. I like the idea behind this one.
8:13 PM
Terry1: Took off the band without any problems. Still burning nicely. Easy draw, lots of smoke and flavor.
8:14 PM
Terry1: I wonder what they mean by “angel’s cut”. Sounds like something a boubon would say.
8:15 PM
Terry1: The experimental one looks tempting too.
8:18 PM
IamDarren: yeah, think i will save that one for after the review. Might do a short review on it to add to our group review
8:20 PM
Terry1: Past the halfway mark and I’m feeling the nicotine a bit. Reminds you that even thou it’s milder blend you are still smoking a JDN cigar.
8:21 PM
IamDarren: rain just hit. hope it comes straight down so i can stay on the porch.
8:25 PM
IamDarren: into the last third now and it hasn’t gotten any stronger. Still getting that tangy sweetness up front followed by spice and pepper with coffee on the finish.
8:26 PM
Terry1: You must be getting the storm that came through here on Sunday. Dumped a lot of rain.
8:27 PM
IamDarren: the first round came through this morning and most of it went north of us. This one is coming right over us. We needed it so we can have some moisture to plant wheat into.
8:29 PM
Terry1: It flooded the salt flats for speedweek again. Now everyone will have to wait for next year.
8:30 PM
IamDarren: I like to watch Fast and Loud. Their lead mechanic built a race car and on the last episode they raced it on the Pikes Peak course. That looks like a blast.
8:31 PM
Terry1: I watch it too. I laughed the hardest when Richard was trying to snort shots at the bar. Man that would burn.
8:33 PM
IamDarren: He is quite the character. When he gets to drinking he starts acting crazy.
8:33 PM
IamDarren: Or at least crazier than normal
8:35 PM
IamDarren: mine is starting to heat up. Still enjoying it but the pepper is building
8:35 PM
Terry1: Same here. Got about an inch left. The smoke is getting hot. The tangy floral note is making a comeback on mine.
8:39 PM
Terry1: Okay I’m about done. Shall we review it?
8:40 PM
Terry1: It’s got a bit of a punch to it. I can feel it now. Good flavors throughout the whole cigar.
8:46 PM
Terry1: Glad you made it back. Like you said, Matt missed out on a good cigar. I enjoyed it.
8:46 PM
IamDarren: Might be the best JDN cigar I have had just because it wasn’t too strong and a lot of flavor and complexity came through
8:47 PM
Terry1: I agree. It’s one I’ll try again.

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