Jobon Single Flame Angled Torch Cigar Lighter – Review

I was recently approached by Aaron at Butane Lighters Wholesale about reviewing one of his lighters.  I took a look at his website and chose the lighter I would like to review and he sent it over promptly.  I ended up choosing the Jobon Single Flame Angled Torch Butane Lighter.  It features an adjustable angle torch with two separate punches built in.
When it arrived I was impressed by the gift box it came in.  The lighter is fairly heavy in the hand and seems to be well constructed.  It came pre-filled so after a quick adjustment to the butane knob, it was lighting up on the first click every time.  I love the built in punch cutters.  To me, this makes this lighter what it is.  They fold out from the lighter’s body smoothly.  They were sharp and effective right out of the box and I have two sizes to choose from, the larger one is perfect for today’s large ring gauge cigars.  When fully extended it would probably be fairly easy to bend them if not used correctly, so keep that in mind.  The flame is consistent and strong, while the adjustable angle makes it easier to light up.  I found that it effortlessly lights cigars of all sizes and looks good doing it.


Most of you know by now that this site is very focused on achieving the most bang for your buck when it comes to cigars.  This also applies to cigar accessories.  All of the aforementioned features are great, but the best thing about this lighter is the price.  At 16.99, this lighter is a serious value.
Stay tuned, in the coming weeks I will be giving away a couple of other Jobon lighters from Butane Lighters Wholesale.

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