Jesus Fuego 777 Triple Siete – Cigar Review

Cigar: 777 Triple Siete

Maker: Jesus Fuego

Size: Robusto  5×50

Prelight Inspection:

Very finely made maduro cigar. The wrapper is very dark and has very minimal flaws. It’s not as thick as I expected but it is wrapped tight and there are only a few small veins. The pack is very good, firm but not too tight. The band is very plain and reminds me of the GAR. All in all its a simple but eye catching cigar. The wrapper is emitting a very strong charred wood smell but the foot reveals a hint of sweetness. After a very small slice the draw is just perfect.

1st Third:

Right off the bat this one is very strong with notes of the charred wood from the wrapper mixed with some leather and spice. However, once I get a little ash going it is already mellowing a little and adding just a little molasses to balance out the flavor.

2nd Third:

The charred wood has almost completely left the picture now. There is some rich mocha coming through now with the leather in the background. The molasses has built up even more and really soothes the palate and makes the finish sweet and savory. The ash is a little dark but is holding very well. Going into the last third I am detecting a little more spice and possibly some coffee.

Last Third:

Definitely getting more of a coffee flavor now. The cigar has also started to develop a slightly acidic character. It is not overwhelming and after a little purge it has almost gone completely away. The molasses has also faded out and I am now just left with a nice mix of coffee and spice with a leather base. This one has been very flavorful and really enjoyable.


This was the last out of a fiver I purchased. The first one I smoked was too bitter and really needed some aging. This last one mellowed out a lot and was quite enjoyable. It was very rich but the sweetness from the molasses really balanced it out well. I will definitely be looking to pick up some more of these, especially at their price point. Jesus Fuego has a blended a fine maduro here.


Flavor and Taste: 17/20

Construction: 8/10

Wrapper: 4/5

Value: 9/10

Would I buy a Box: 5/5

Total: 43/50

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