It’s that time of year again!


Well, it’s that time again for us in the midwest!  It is hot and humid…

I went out of town for a few days recently.  When I left my humidors were 72%, 71%, and 68%.  Just where they should be.

I came back and found them at 82%, 81%, and 75%.  That shift in humidity outside will also affect the humidity inside your house, and even inside your humidor.

I quickly reduced the humidifying agents in my boxes and have let them slowly drop back down to normal humidity.  The more quick and drastic the change in humidity, the more likely it is that some of your precious smokes will be damaged by expansion or contraction.

So… this all goes to show the importance of having reliable digital hygrometers in your humidor.  These can either be purchased online, or in your local B&M.  I have found the best prices on Ebay in the past, but you can base your purchase on your personal preferences for quality, look, and value.

Hopefully that helps some people out, and if you have any questions post them using the comment form.  Either me, or one of SUC’s loyal readers will be glad to help!

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