Hoyo De Monterrey Excalibur 1066 Dark Knight III – Cigar Review


Cigar Review: Excalibur 1066 Dark Knight III

Maker: Hoyo De Monterrey
Size: 4.5×50

Pre-light Inspection:
Very dark wrapper with a nice oily sheen. Some very distinct veins but they don’t detract from the overall appearance. Nice medium/firm pack, just slightly spongy to the touch. Looks like a double cap that is attached very well. Only a slight cedar aroma coming from the wrapper and foot. After a small slice with the xikar reveals an easy draw with just a very slight amount of restriction. This baby has one of the best bands out there, all gold and black. All and all it is a very attractive cigar…..hopefully the burn and flavor will follow in suit.


1st Third
A Lot of different things are happening all at once. Right when the smoke hits my tongue I am greeted with a shot of pepper. Then on the exhale there is some leather and wood. After about a half inch I detect a hint of espresso and what seems like a little butter. Flavors continue to tease the palate rotating through the leather, wood, and espresso going into the second third.

2nd Third
WOW, my taste buds are now thanking me! It has now mellowed out a lot. I still get the initial pepper on the tongue but immediately after I am soothed with a thick creaminess. It’s not overly sweet but it is rich and very tasty. I still get hints of espresso, leather, and wood. I am also getting some nuts mixed in now that just keeps adding to the complexity. Burn is great and the ash is very strong. I had to tap it off after about 2 inches.

Last Third
The cigar is starting to burn a little hot. Because the flavor is so good, I am having to time my draws so that I don’t overdo it. All the flavors are still there though. The burn has been great on this one. It has been a very enjoyable cigar and I can only imagine what a little more aging will do. So now you will have to excuse me while I finish this…….down to the nub!

Please try this one!! This cigar has it all. The construction is excellent, the burn is good, and the flavor is amazing. To put it plainly, it is a full flavored cigar with a medium strength that anyone can enjoy. Don’t get me wrong, you will be blasted with pepper but that is only the beginning. The creaminess really gives it a lot of depth. Not to mention all the other flavors packed in there. I’m sure if you try one you will find some flavors that I could not, so please do!

Flavor: 19/20
Construction: 10/10
Wrapper: 5/5
Price point: 8/10
Get a box: 4/5
Total: 46/50



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