How to Choose the Right Cigar Humidor

Choosing a humidor can seem like a daunting task, there’s so many to choose from! This article is going to walk you through this decision and make it a little easier for you. There are three main things you need to be thinking about when choosing the right humidor for you:

How many cigars will I be storing?

Do I want them to be displayed?

How much time will I devote to humidor maintenance?

Desktop HumidorMost people will want to store between 20 to 100 cigars.

Traditional wooden humidor: If you want them displayed, you’ll want to have a nice traditional wooden humidor, probably with a glass top for viewing. The downside is that most of these wooden boxes, although they look nice, are made in China and are not well constructed at all. That is important because it means you will spend a lot of time (maybe weekly) attempting to maintain the proper humidity because the vast majority of these boxes are thin walled and do not seal very well – lots of humidity escapes. If you still think this is the right route for you to go, I strongly recommend visiting a local brick and mortar cigar shop to view the humidors first hand. You’ll want one that the main door does not “slam” shut, but instead makes a whoosh of air as it seals closed perfectly.

TupperdorTupperdor: If you are not needing to display your humidor as a show piece, I strongly recommend making a humidor out of a Tupperware or Rubbermaid container (see my other article about how to do this). This type of humidor is perfectly sealed and allows no humidity to escape through the plastic. The result is a box that requires very little maintenance, maybe once every six months. It’s as simple as finding a size that suits your needs and making sure it seals well.

Cabinet HumidorFor people that need to store hundreds of cigars.

Cabinet humidor: If you want to have your large cigar collection displayed, and are open to the large expenditure, this is the best option for you. The sealing properties of a cabinet humidor aren’t quite as important as the desktop humidor discussed above because you will need to purchase an active digital humidifier that runs when your box falls below the percent humidity that you preset. Maintenance for this type of humidor is as simple as refilling the water reservoir on your humidifier with distilled water. Make sure you purchase a box that plugs into the wall on the outside, and has outlets for your humidifier on the inside.

CoolerdorCoolerdor: If you don’t need to display your cigars, the most economical and efficient way is in a coolerdor (AKA coolidor or coolador). A coolerdor will not allow any humidity to escape (much like the tupperdor discussed above) so it requires very little maintenance. Please read my article on how to build a coolerdor for more information.

One final option is some combination of the above. For instance, I have a 300 count traditional desktop humidor on display where I keep my go-to cigars, but also have 2 large coolerdors in the basement for long term storage of the rest of my collection. You’ll just need to reflect on what is the correct solution for your cigar storage needs.

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