Gurkha Widowmaker – Guest Cigar Review

I love bold, robust cigars. When I came upon an opportunity to purchase some Gurkha sticks offered on special at Cigars International, I jumped on it. When I saw the name “Widowmaker” I immediately thought I gotta try one of those. Like the description at CI’s site however, the name belies its strength. By far, the strongest, most robust cigar I’ve ever experienced in Cu Avana’s Punisher. I can only enjoy one of those very occasionally despite my preference for full bodies smokes. This mild to medium smoke is no where near as powerful as a Punisher. The Widowmaker, which I am enjoying for the first time as I write this, is a tasty offering from Gurkha, a brand I have limited experience with. I have enjoyed all of the Gurkha selections I have sampled in the last several months and the Widowmaker is no exception. It is much milder than I anticipated. It is well constructed, tightly rolled but draws effortlessly. The wrapper is dark and blemish free. It has a mid aroma of coffee and earth during a pre-light pass along the nose. It toasted nicely and lit up evenly. It accumulated a long line of ash into the first inch of burn. The smoke is quite mild and flavorful with notes of wood, coffee, spice and chocolate although there is a slight floral or perfumey finish which I’m uncertain about. It burns slowly, evenly and cool. Even the aftertaste is mild so it doesn’t feel like I just drank six cups of coffee. The retail list price for one of these is supposed to be ten bucks which I would never pay. I got five of these, (along with two other groups of five) in a Gurkha fest special for around $40 bringing this one I am enjoying in at around $2.70 . . . a bargain beyond most! If you can find one of these in that price range, you certainly can’t go wrong and you won’t be disappointed if you enjoy a medium bodied cigar.
By: Russell

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