Gran Habano Azteca – Cigar Review

So the other night Terry, Darren, and I had an online herf to enjoy the new Gran Habano Azteca torpedo.  Due to unforseen circumstances we had to wait roughly a month to have the herf, so the cigars were resting in our humidors for that period of time.

If you would like to skip straight to the juicy part, here it is:  this was a great cigar.  All three of us were very impressed with this medium/full bodied cigar.  Toasty, spicy, and sweet for the first couple of thirds with the last third being dominated with espresso and spice.  Construction was good, flavor was good, and was a decent value also.  You can read all of our comments below.  If you would like to join in the next one, let us know in the chat or forum.  Also, please leave a comment to let us know if you enjoyed this type of review, we call it 3 idiots and a cigar 😉



May 17 2011, 7:37 PM
Terry1: Clipped mine. Typical torpedo, slightly tighter draw than I like.
IamDarren: give me a min. I have to make a drink up and get my cigar clipped
Terry1: I’ve got Capt’n Morgan on standby.
IamDarren: Knob Creek and Pepsi
Matt: Stockyard Oatmeal Stout for me.
IamDarren: probably some water so i don’t drowned out the flavor, although I think this one will be full bodied enough that it won’t matter
Matt: Draw is a hair tight but not too bad. Lighting up!
IamDarren: draw is good on mine, took off about 1/4 inch
IamDarren: got some chocolaty notes on the prelight draw
Terry1: I’m liking the initial puffs. Getting alot of sweetness, almost like sugar cane. Some chocolate in the background. Good start.
IamDarren: yeah me too, mostly chocolate with some spice
Matt: This thing is pouring smoke… and spicy on the tongue after puffs.
IamDarren: leaves the tip of the tounge tingling, i like it
IamDarren: burn line is off to a great start
Terry1: Lots of smoke for me too. And spice on the tongue.
IamDarren: mine is already loosing some spice and picking up a little creaminess. I’m about 1/4 inch in.
IamDarren: wow, the retrohale is excellent. Lots of spice and sweetness there
Matt: Damn, speed smoker! Just kidding. Mine is mellowing a bit as well.
Terry1: I was just going to say that. Retrohale is really nice.
Matt: Not full bodied at this point. Agree/disagree?
Terry1: I like when you get a bit of spice in the sinus without making your eyes water.
IamDarren: agree, not too strong yet
Terry1: Medium for me.
IamDarren: the finish seems to be very clean. Just leaves a little sweetness on the tounge
IamDarren: That sweetness is really keeping me interested. Its very sweet but very light at the same time. Its almost got a fruity or floral character to it.
Matt: Interesting part of the cigar. Toasty and creamy, sweet finish. Hint of spice. mild/medium bodied. I’m getting that fruity also… reminds me of persimmon.
IamDarren: ash just fell off in the tray, not quite an inch
IamDarren: seems to be buring plenty fast. I’m trying to limit my draws to one every 30 seconds
Terry1: Perfect burn on mine. Loving the sweetness. I felt like I was speed smoking to keep up. LOL I’ve slowed down now.
IamDarren: I think I am starting to get just a little hazelnut coming through now.
IamDarren: Just crossing the 1/3 mark.
Terry1: The spice has definately faded and replaced with a woody/nutty note. Can’t identify it yet.
IamDarren: Still there Matt, what are you picking up?
Matt: Mines heading in that direction too. Still have the ash. Hanging on to that dry toasty smoke with a lot of cream and the finish is getting spicier
IamDarren: Mine is defenitely still dominated with sweetness, sorta gettig hints of cocoa but it is still pretty light and has not left the medium bodied category.
Matt: Sweetness comes in and out – not steady
Matt: Mine needs to cool down a bit. Too many puffs!
IamDarren: lol, speed smoker!
Matt: touche
Terry1: I’m picking up a spice or tannin on the finish. Band is big on this cigar. I like the artwork on it.
IamDarren: i like it too, very different. Although it slipped off when i took it out of the cello. I guess thats better then it being to tight and hard to remove.
Terry1: My eyesite sucks. Does it say George Rico on the side?
Matt: It is big. I like when they come off when I remove the cello… not too much glue. Yeah george rico
IamDarren: yep
Terry1: Looks like Guillermo Rico underneath.
IamDarren: i’m with you Terry, there is something else here that i can’t put my finger on. It almost seems slightly acidic.
Matt: Maybe a little metallic?
IamDarren: I can honestly say there are flavors here I have never experienced in any cigar before, props to the Ricos!
Terry1: I just tried the rum and WOW it really compliments the sweetness in the cigar. Except now everything tastes like rum. I’ll need a minute to taste the cigar.
Matt: Agreed. This is a unique cigar. Many flavor transitions and we are not even halfway done. Some coffee or espresso on the way into the profile.
IamDarren: its hard to seperate it from the sweetness. It could possible be metallic but in a good way.
IamDarren: i think its safe to say I have crossed the halfway point. another 1/4 inch and i will have to remove the band.
Terry1: I had to snip just a little more off the cap and now the draw is perfect.I’m not getting anything metalic but I agree with a little coffee building in the background. Nice
IamDarren: With all the sweetness still present I think it is tasting a lot like a good capuccino.
Terry1: I half expected the sweetness to fade away but it’s still going strong. Much better for me than those pepper bombs.
IamDarren: I’m now starting to get a little more spice on the tip of my tounge like I did at the beginning. I wonder if the last third of this one will pick up in strength?
Matt: Another transition here. Medium/full body. Smoke is more buttery now than dry like the first half. Sweetness on the finish.
Terry1: I agree on the strength. I’m just now starting to feel it a little. Could be the rum thou.
Matt: Me too
IamDarren: puff, puff, sip…. puff, puff, sip
Terry1: We know how to review a cigar!
Matt: I did make a burn correction. Probably didn’t have too, but it was starting to run. I am outside tonight though.
IamDarren: After my second ash fell off it got slightly askew but it has already corrected itself.
IamDarren: OK, now i’m getting that transition. Sweetness is fading quite a bit and spice is ramping up.
IamDarren: going into last third
IamDarren: getting a slightly toasty flavor now, like roasted nuts.
Matt: I don’t want to know how you know what roasted nuts taste like…
Terry1: Mine’s burning fine. Just starting the last third. The spice is really mellow for me. Good for the retrohale.
IamDarren: lol, you have never had mountain oisters before… you are missing out brother!
IamDarren: or more commonly called calf fries around here.
Matt: I thought that was a Nebraska thing.
Terry1: I have several ranchers as clients and they hold a big mountain oyster fund raising event every apring. Never tried one…yet.
IamDarren: they are actually only good if they are cooked properly… deep fried
Matt: Second ash just dropped well into the final third. Buttery smoke with an espresso core and spicy finish. Great 1/3rd!
IamDarren: same here, getting that espresso / coffee bean flavor now.
Matt: I would try them… especially if it got me in good with some clients. My boss is from NE. They have the “famous” testicle festivals there. He would be proud if I ate some bull fries.
Terry1: Coffee bean and some sweetness with me. Not getting the toasty flavors but maybe it’s because I’m sipping something sweet.
IamDarren: also, the smaller they are the better. As they get older there is too much testosterone. They get chewey.
Matt: that’s foul.
IamDarren: lol
Terry1: LOL This discussion is going in the wrong direction.
IamDarren: nearing the nub it is defenitely full bodied now for me. Very spicy with coffee core.
Matt: Agreed.
Terry1: I got toast! Took me to the nub to get it. I liked this cigar. I see a box purchase in my future.
Matt: Yes, fantastic cigar. I put it down about 5 mins ago. Thank you Terry.  We will have to plan another one soon.
May 17 2011, 8:58 PM

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