Flor De Gonzalez 90 Miles – Cigar Review

Flor De Gonzalez 90 Miles toro review.
Time for another group review!  Terry, Darren, and I sat down in the chatroom to smoke the 90 miles.  We found this to be a very nice looking cigar and were impressed with the tight pack of tobacco inside.  The flavors were primarily a mix of sweet creamy and cedary smoke with a slightly spicy finish for the first half of the cigar.  The second half of the cigar was dominated by pepper, earth, and spice.  Darren’s cigar burned perfectly.  Mine had major wrapper split issues which caused an uneven burn.  Terry’s first one was so plugged that he had to get another.  His second cigar was fine construction-wise.  This is a very high strength cigar, so consider yourself warned!  The construction issues were a bummer.  I think we would all agree that the first half of the cigar was excellent, but the second half was less than interesting.  It would greatly benefit from some more aging in your humidor.  I would also recommend trying the robusto, not the larger toro size that we smoked.  For $5.50 this cigar was not a bust, but we’ve had better!  Read all of our chat below:

7:58 PM

Terry1: Okay got the 90 miles. It’s been nice here. We keep getting a storm every few days and it’s keeping the temps down to the high 80s.

7:58 PM

Matt: Got it. I needed the exercise anyways. I wish it was in the 80’s here! 110+ heat index today

8:00 PM

IamDarren: sorry about the timing guys, are we all ready?

8:00 PM

Matt: Yep.

8:00 PM

Terry1: yeah

8:00 PM

IamDarren: leathery look to the wrapper with a nice tight pack

8:00 PM

Matt: The cigar is really nice looking. Clean wrapper with a couple medium sized veins and sweet cedary smell.

8:01 PM

IamDarren: i’m not getting much on the cold draw, maybe a hint of raisin.

8:02 PM

Matt: Nice and sweet pre-light. Let’s light em up!

8:02 PM

Terry1: I’d agree with the raisin on the cold draw. Mine is a tad tight but it should be okay.

8:04 PM

IamDarren: right off the bat a lot of sweetness, kinda floral.

8:05 PM

Matt: Yeah, sweet cedary and creamy right away. Definitely a hint of floral in there as well.

8:05 PM

Terry1: It’s taking some time to light this. Lot’s of tobacco packed in this stick.

8:06 PM

Matt: That is a lot of tobacco, especially for $5.50! Mine took quite a bit of torching as well.

8:07 PM

Terry1: Getting some sweetness and cedar notes. There’s something in the background I can’t identify yet.

8:07 PM

IamDarren: great flavors coming out, lots of sweetness, kinda creamy but it fades to a light floral note on the finish that leaves the palate refreshed.

8:08 PM

Matt: Yeah, the sweetness is subtle like Jasmine rice, not sugary. I like.

8:09 PM

IamDarren: also a touch of spice notes on the retrohale, just enough to make me want to keep retrohaling after each puff.

8:09 PM

Matt: This cigar is courtesy of Darren, correct? Did you find it via review?

8:10 PM

IamDarren: no, actually I frequently check for new releases from famous smoke. This one came up and when I found out is was from Flor De Gonzalez I had to give it a try.

8:12 PM

Terry1: My draw really tightened up once the the heat hit it. I’m having problems getting smoke.

8:12 PM

IamDarren: mine is doing just fine, a tad tight on the draw but producing lots of smoke. you might try reclipping it.

8:13 PM

Matt: Mine is a bit tight too. Hopefully you have a cutter big enough to clip a bit more on this behemoth.

8:13 PM

IamDarren: over 1/2 inch in now. starting to pick up more creaminess and transitioning to more of a cocoa flavor.

8:15 PM

IamDarren: the ash looks great. very tight and straight burn line.

8:16 PM

IamDarren: i want you guys to try something. Take only about half a draw and chew it in your mouth a little. There is a flavor that comes out that I can not describe….. kinda tangy…

8:17 PM

Matt: A bit of spice is creeping in to the finish over here too.

8:18 PM

Matt: I see what you mean, kind of like a grapefruit.

8:19 PM

IamDarren: yeah! very different.

8:19 PM

Matt: Terry is over there with a power drill now trying to fix that draw…

8:19 PM

Terry1: LOL. I think mine’s a bust. I’ve snipped most of the cap off and tried a poker but it’s packed so tightly I’m starting to hear cracking. The smoke I’m getting is a little bitter. Might be a stem inside.

8:20 PM

IamDarren: well, we aren’t in very far. do you have another one? go grab it if you do.

8:20 PM

Terry1: Good idea. I do have another.

8:21 PM

Matt: That’s a damn shame. You win some and lose some. It is worth noting that while my burn is perfectly even and the ash is a nice ghost white, the wrapper has split down to the halfway point already. I’m just trying to be gentle with it now.

8:24 PM

Terry1: I’m back and this cigar is drawing great. I guess you get a bad stick once in awile.

8:26 PM

IamDarren: great, I was hoping that was the case and these weren’t all gonna be that way.

8:26 PM

Matt: Thank goodness! I’m only about an inch+ in anyways. Thinking about tapping the first ash, I don’t want to make a mess like last week.

8:30 PM

IamDarren: lost my ash with over an inch on it. flavors still pretty much the same. sweet, and creamy with a little zest mixed in.

8:31 PM

Matt: Still nice and creamy and cedary. Not much sweetness left, just spice on the finish.

8:33 PM

Matt: I carefully broke off the loose wrapper section. Should be good to go. This cigar has some strength to it. Terry, what do you think?

8:33 PM

Terry1: Agree, cream and cedar. I’m still working on getting some of the charred wood taste out of my mouth from the first cigar. Might have to break out the whiskey to wash it away.

8:37 PM

IamDarren: mine is also starting to loose a little sweetness. Picking up just a hint of bitterness on the finish, but it might just be from the grapefruit mixed in there.

8:39 PM

Terry1: I’m starting to get a lot of pepper. Tried retrohaling and now my eyes are watering.

8:40 PM

Matt: I know what you mean Terry. Still medium bodied, but this cigar has an inherent strength to it. Hard to explain.

8:42 PM

Terry1: I’m starting to feel the strength a little. If this continues I’m going to have to switch to a soda. Remember I’m a nicotine whimp.

8:44 PM

Matt: I am about 30 miles into it and it is still medium bodied, heading towards medium full. Flavor profile is earthy and cedary with some pepper and spice in the finish. I would classify this as a high strength cigar… good luck Terry

8:45 PM

Terry1: LOL. Thanks I think I’m going to need it.

8:46 PM

IamDarren: mine is quite as strong. I haven’t even ate yet and I’m just now starting to feel it. I’m at least 40 miles in…

8:46 PM

IamDarren: “isn’t” quite as strong.

8:50 PM

Terry1: As a positive comment, the burn on this cigar is near perfect. Ash seems to to be holding on nicely.

8:51 PM

Matt: Second ash dropped off fairly quickly for me. May have a burn correction in the near future too. How’s that for a contrast

8:56 PM

IamDarren: going into last third. Full strength now, lots of pepper.

8:56 PM

Terry1: I’m about half way now and all I’m getting is tobacco and pepper. Starting to iritate the throat and sinus. I’m drinking lots of water.

8:56 PM

IamDarren: this cigar has really been complex. Very pronounced flavor changes.

8:57 PM

Terry1: This just shows how the same cigar can be a different experience depending on the person.

8:57 PM

Matt: I’m at about 50 miles. Very meaty texture to the smoke. Definitely a lot of pepper now as well. Unfortunately will have to burn correct and have more wrapper splitting. Construction has been bothersome on a good cigar.

8:58 PM

IamDarren: no splitting or burn problems here. almost perfect.

9:00 PM

Matt: My flavor is very straightforward right now as well, like yours Terry. Lots of earth and pepper. It is a far cry from where this cigar started off, so I would still consider it a complex smoke.

9:07 PM

IamDarren: this one really creaps up on you. Reminds of the Oliva V. Nice sweet and creamy for most of the smoke. Then you start to feel it.

9:09 PM

Terry1: I would have liked the sweet and creamy, the earth and pepper is not doing it for me. Definately a stronger cigar than what I was expecting.

Jul 19 2011, 9:10 PM

IamDarren: its a very good cigar, it just has a ton of strength that slowly creaps up on you. Gave me one heck of a buzz the first time I had one.

Jul 19 2011, 9:22 PM

IamDarren: I decided to let my cigar go out nearing the nub. It got very dry and spicy. But overall I really liked the cigar. Lots of flavor changes and the strength didn’t overpower me until the very end.

Jul 19 2011, 9:23 PM

Matt: Very thick and meaty smoke on the final third. Rich earth and pepper flavor with a spicy and slightly bitter finish. After a second burn correction it looks like it will finish out ok.

Jul 19 2011, 9:30 PM

Terry1: Okay I’m done. Mine went out. Made it to the last inch and a half. This cigar was not for me. Too much pepper and too strong.

Jul 19 2011, 9:30 PM

Terry1: I’ve got a half burned one in the ashtray.

Jul 19 2011, 9:31 PM

Matt: Light it up!

Jul 19 2011, 9:31 PM

IamDarren: lol, if its getting to be too much Terry we will understand if you put it down.

Jul 19 2011, 9:32 PM

Terry1: Light it up, that’s funny. I’m going to cut it up and see if there was something in it that plugged it up.

Jul 19 2011, 9:33 PM

Matt: I’m so kidding. I am with you on this one Terry. Loved the first 1/3rd. Last 2 thirds were simple flavors. I liked the transition from the first third, but it got a bit old after a while. Construction was also an issue on mine. It sounds like I did not like it, but that is not entirely the case. I think it would benefit from a smaller vitola to eliminate the construction and bitterness issues.

Jul 19 2011, 9:35 PM

Matt: P.S. mine is still burning after 1 hour 35 minutes.

Jul 19 2011, 9:36 PM

IamDarren: kind of a mixed bag. I too liked the transitions and the flavors of the first half. The second half did get a little bitter and dry. Mabye some aging would help.

Jul 19 2011, 9:36 PM

Terry1: I did find a stem. Right in the middle.

Jul 19 2011, 9:40 PM

Matt: I think you are right darren, give these another 6 months and they could end up being the bomb.

Jul 19 2011, 9:41 PM

Terry1: I’m fine with that. Tuesday with the Virtue. I should do better with that one.

Jul 19 2011, 9:41 PM

Matt: Sweet! see you guys Tues!

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