E-Cigar King Starter Kit Review

E-Cigar King was kind enough to send us some samples for review.  When it arrived, I was immediately impressed by the fancy box it comes in.  Once opened, there is a number of accessories in there: the battery, 3 different flavored tips, plus wall and car chargers.   All you have to do to get started is screw one of the tips onto the battery and take a puff.  Here’s a link to the kit that I received: E-Cigar King  For a limited time, SUC readers can use this coupon code ( SUCIGARS ) to receive 25% off this starter kit!

Now I am not opposed to the idea of e-smokes, I already own an e-cigarette kit and found it to be decent.  The problem with it was that it was very time consuming.  You had to remember to keep it charged, replace wicks elements and filters, and clean it often.  It ended up sitting idly.  I was pleased to see that the E-Cigar kit solves those issues.  It has a massive battery that rarely needs charged and setup is as simple as screwing on one of the tips.  No buttons to press, just screw on whichever flavor tip you’d like and take a puff.  I like the ease of use, it really makes life easier. Additionally, this thing produces WAY more “smoke” than my e-cigarette does.

This kit does not replace cigars for me.  This is nothing like smoking a real cigar, but unfortunately there are fewer and fewer places to smoke cigars these days.  I’ve even been asked to put out my cigar in bars filled with cigarette smoke on more than one occasion.  For me, an e-cigar is a supplement when I find myself at one of the many places that won’t allow me to light up.  Of the three flavors of vapor provided (ligero, cuban, and maduro), I found the maduro to be my favorite.  That doesn’t come as a huge surprise considering I tend to gravitate toward maduro cigars anyways.
Overall, I really like the E-Cigar King kit.  I think the price is fair (especially with the 25% off coupon when you put in the code: SUCIGARS ) and it comes in a fantastic box to boot.  I think you’ll like it too.

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