Don Pepin Garcia Vegas Cubanas – Cigar Review

Don Pepin Garcia Vegas Cubanas Toro

This particular DPG blend is one of his first cigars.  I am curious to see if it is any good or not!
The corojo wrapper is a lighter brown color with only small veins.
The construction is a bit spongy and does have 2 spots that are a bit harder than the rest of the cigar.
I chose to punch it and the draw is VERY loose. Luckily, I prefer too loose over too tight.
It has a very earthy and sweet smell.  I am really liking the pleasant aroma!

This DPG started off just right.   It is very earthy and creamy in flavor with a slightly sweet finish.  It’s mild bodied and is producing a ton of smoke due to the loose draw.  The burn became a bit uneven towards the end of the first third.

The second third has a very mellow creamy flavor with a spicy and sweet finish.  It is now mild/medium in body.  The ash is light gray and flaky – it does not really hold on for long.  This cigar is burning very fast for a toro.

The final third is medium bodied and has a dry toasty flavor with a spicy pepper finish.  The burn evened out and it is still producing a ton of smoke.

This is the most unusual DPG cigar I have smoked.  Most DPGs are very well constructed, full bodied, and pack a serious punch of complex flavors.  This cigar has some construction problems and is mild/medium in body.  It is also not very complex.  With that said this was an enjoyable cigar but did not live up to its price tag.  There are other mellow cigars that are far better than this slightly expensive cigar from DPG.


Flavor and Taste: 15/20

Construction: 7/10

Wrapper: 5/5

Value: 5/10

Would I buy a Box: 2/5

Total: 34/50




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