Diesel Unlimited Maduro – Cigar Review

This week’s group cigar review is of the Diesel Unlimited Maduro.  We’ve liked the others in the Diesel series, so we’re looking forward to this one.   The cigar has a chocolate smell and is very tightly packed, but still has a great draw after cutting.  Once lit up, it’s a bold complex mix of coffee, earth, and chocolate with some spice on the finish.  Other than the pepper and spice building until the end, the flavor remains largely the same.  Overall, this is a very good tasting cigar with subtle complexities.  We all wished there would have been a flavor transition somewhere in there, but it’s not exactly needed on a cigar that tastes this good.  Overall, this one is worth the price and is another winner in the Diesel line.

StraightUpCigars: Rating:
Flavor and Taste: 19/20
Construction: 10/10
Wrapper: 4/5
Price Point: 10/10
Would I buy a Box: 5/5
Total: 48/50

IamDarren: Rating:
Flavor and Taste: 19/20
Construction: 10/10
Wrapper: 5/5
Price Point: 10/10
Would I buy a Box: 5/5
Total: 49/50

Terry1: Rating:
Flavor and Taste: 19/20
Construction: 9/10
Wrapper: 5/5
Price Point: 10/10
Would I buy a Box: 5/5
Total: 48/50

7:40 PM
StraightUpCigars: My Diesel Unlimited Maduro has a chocolate smell to the wrapper and a perfect draw after cutting it. It’s got a mottled and rugged looking wrapper leaf.
7:42 PM
Terry1: I’m surprised mine has a good draw. The cigar feels well packed. The wrapper is pretty rough but it does feel like there’s some oils in it. Ready to light when you are.
7:43 PM
Terry1: Band was tight but I got it off without incident.
7:44 PM
StraightUpCigars: Mine was packed really tight too, but a great draw. Hopefully that will equal a nice even burn.
7:46 PM
IamDarren: Mine has a great draw, very nice chocolate and spice flavor on the cold draw. Ready to light up.
7:46 PM
Terry1: Lighting up!
7:50 PM
IamDarren: super complex, getting oak, dark chocolate, with coffee and spice on the finish.
7:51 PM
StraightUpCigars: Real deep, rich flavors. Earth, chocolate and coffee. Not much for spice yet. Real nice start.
7:52 PM
Terry1: First few puffs have a pleasant sweet note that I like. A bold pepper quickly makes an appearance on mine. Agree with the coffee flavor and the complexity. Nice start.
7:55 PM
Terry1: It’s funny you picked this one tonight Darren. I was looking at it in the CI Catalog today and wondered how it would be. I wonder no more!
7:55 PM
IamDarren: i remember getting a 10 pack for 35 on one of the daily deals for us to review. I smoked a couple and liked them enough I got another 10 pack a few weeks ago.
7:56 PM
IamDarren: Still can’t decide if i like this one or the original Habano more…. Guess im excited for your 2 reviews tonight.
7:57 PM
IamDarren: mine seems to be mellowing a bit. Getting more sweetness. Coffee note has faded a bit along with the spice. Very rich and creamy at this point.
7:58 PM
StraightUpCigars: Mine is still very much full bodied, but not bitter and quite pleasant to smoke. Good even burn and smoke production too.
8:00 PM
IamDarren: burn isn’t perfect, but darn close. And ash is still holding at an inch.
8:01 PM
IamDarren: Spice might be making a little comeback. Getting a hint of cinnamon or something similar. Hard to tell.
8:02 PM
Terry1: Pepper has dialed down but the coffee is still there. It’s getting more earthy now. It is easy to smoke. Burn and ash are about perfect on mine as well.
8:03 PM
StraightUpCigars: Mine’s going to opposite way, starting to get more of that spice now.
8:05 PM
IamDarren: lol, seems like the flavor varys from one puff to the next.
8:06 PM
Terry1: Tried a few more puffs, mine is flavorful but doesn’t have that bold pepper I usually get from Diesel. I’m actually liking this one better so far.
8:07 PM
StraightUpCigars: Wow, I just got the power hiccups from a huge blast of pepper. Hopefully some water will fix it!
8:08 PM
StraightUpCigars: Darren, forgive me if I have amnesia, my memory is shot, but did you guys have the new baby? I’ve been meaning to ask, but was afraid of putting my foot in my mouth.
8:08 PM
IamDarren: i think in this case, there is some filler tobacco that has spice and pepper notes but the sweet and richness from the maduro wrapper maskes it to a point.
8:09 PM
IamDarren: Yes Matt we did. She is 3 months old now and doing great. We named her Madison and call her Maddy.
8:10 PM
IamDarren: 2 dogs and 2 kids…. i think we are done for awhile
8:10 PM
StraightUpCigars: Congrats! Yeah, I’d say it’s time for a break What does Jackson think of her?
8:11 PM
Terry1: Madison is an excellent name. My daughter has the same name. She’s 19 and in college now.
8:12 PM
IamDarren: He has been a great big brother. We have to keep reminding him to be gentle but he has been helping a lot, especially now that we are bottle feeding her.
8:12 PM
IamDarren: Thanks, Terry. I had no idea. Great minds think alike i guess
8:13 PM
IamDarren: Nearing he halfway mark. My cigar is picking up more earthiness and spice. Still just enough sweetness to round it out.
8:13 PM
StraightUpCigars: Nice! Terry, that’s got to be scary sending a girl off to college.
8:15 PM
Terry1: It was at first. She’s in her second year so I’m getting used to it. I still see her several times a week.
8:16 PM
IamDarren: Yeah, scary in more ways than one. I just started a college fund for my kids. Holy Cow is that getting expensive.
8:16 PM
Terry1: Interesting, I did a quick check of the fillers on all the Diesels and this is the only one that lists Honduran as part of the filler. It may be why I’m not getting the pepper as much. A nice sweetness is building and complimenting the earthy note. I’m liking it.
8:18 PM
StraightUpCigars: Good to know. Don’t see Honduran tobacco all that often.
8:19 PM
Terry1: I can deal with the tuition. It’s the outragous cost of books that I have a hard time with. $200 for a textbook that you turn around and sell for $25 is such a rip off.
8:20 PM
StraightUpCigars: It’s all outrageous. Suz and I will be paying off her loan for the next 30 years. Would have made for a very large house.
8:23 PM
IamDarren: We have been taking bids on a basement remodel. We only have two bed rooms upstairs so we will need more. I can do the whole basement for what it would cost to add on a master bed and bathroom upstairs.
8:24 PM
StraightUpCigars: Make sure you leave room for a walk in humidor AND walk in gun safe
8:25 PM
IamDarren: lol, yea right. However, there will be a large storage room which I will try to partition off at some point
8:25 PM
StraightUpCigars: Very nice.
8:26 PM
StraightUpCigars: I’m sure the cost of it is shocking, but it will be real nice having the extra livable space.
8:26 PM
Terry1: I already asked the wife if I could convert my daughter’s bedroom into a smoking lounge. The answer wasn’t no, it was Oh Hell No! I guess I’ll be in the shed for awhile.
8:27 PM
StraightUpCigars: We should start one of those online petitions: Let Terry have a smoking room
8:28 PM
IamDarren: I would really like a small ventilated smoking lounge with one wall sealed off for storing cigars. Im actually looking at purchasing an old enclosed semi trailer for storing most of our junk so the mice can’t get to it. That would free up a bunch of room in the house.
8:30 PM
Terry1: I looked at getting a small travel trailer to fix up as a smoking lounge but I just don’t have the room in my yard to park it. I still like the idea. If you move you can take it with you.
8:30 PM
StraightUpCigars: I like that idea… a lot.
8:30 PM
StraightUpCigars: That would all but eliminate my chances of ever getting a boat though
8:32 PM
IamDarren: yeah i gave up on the boat idea for awhile. I did find some great deals looking on some classifieds though. Lots of people out there who thought they could afford one and are willing to sell them cheap.
8:34 PM
IamDarren: Im going into the last third of my cigar and its still got a great blend of earth, chocolate, and spice. Starting to feel it in the gut a little.
8:35 PM
StraightUpCigars: Mine is still puffing away nicely. No major flavor profile shift, but subtle differences between puffs. Virtually flawless construction on mine.
8:36 PM
Terry1: You are way ahead of me. I’m only at the halfway point. I’m liking the flavor but I too am starting to feel it. I may not make it to the end of this one.
8:38 PM
IamDarren: i know i speed smoke a little when it comes to these DU’s. Just love the flavors and complexity
8:41 PM
Terry1: I’ll admit I’m not a big fan of Diesels. I have a hard time with the pepper and strength. This one is more to my liking. Still has the strength but I’m enjoying the flavors more than other Diesels I’ve tried.
8:42 PM
StraightUpCigars: I’m smoking it quickly too. I agree, it’s got some real strength. Starting to feel it for sure.
8:44 PM
IamDarren: I think the original Diesel was a great stick but not one that I could smoke all the time. The Diesel Unlimited is still one of my favorites and I smoke them once a week. The new Maduro version is another winner in my book. I think you are right Terry, its mellow enough to smoke on a regular basis.
8:46 PM
IamDarren: Im in the last inch now and its not heating up too much. Coffee is making a comeback but still no pepper and the spice is just mixing with the other flavors.
8:48 PM
StraightUpCigars: I’m in the last inch too, and have made a real effort to smoke slower. Each puff delivers some of the most flavorful smoke I’ve ever tasted, although not all good flavor. I am getting some bitterness even though I’m smoking slow. Even still, I’m enjoying it.
8:49 PM
Terry1: Made it to the final third. Flavors are about the same, strength is creeping up and the construction is about perfect. The only construction issue on mine has been the cap. It came off. The cigar hasn’t started to unravel yet but it does feel like it could.
8:49 PM
Terry1: Funny I’m trying to speed up my smoking to catch up to both of you.
8:50 PM
IamDarren: don’t do that… lol, we can wait
8:53 PM
IamDarren: decided to put mine down, was burning my fingers. Good until the end. Did get a little bitterness at the end but im just calling it black coffee cause it was still good
8:55 PM
StraightUpCigars: Mine’s about done too. Still have a few puffs left.
8:56 PM
Terry1: About an inch left and the cigar is starting to unravel. I have to be careful holding it so it doesn’t get worse. Definately full strength now. No bitterness on mine. Might be the slower pace I smoked it.
8:58 PM
Terry1: I’m far enough to rate it when you want.
8:58 PM
StraightUpCigars: Yeah, I think mine ended up with some tar build up from speed smoking earlier. Hard not to, it was so deliious.
9:00 PM
IamDarren: yep, just got moved inside so i am ready to rate also.
9:02 PM
IamDarren: Wow, looks like everyone liked it a lot. Another winner from AJ
9:02 PM
StraightUpCigars: Great scores! I went back and forth on the flavor, would have liked a transition, but it tasted really good.
9:03 PM
IamDarren: Agreed, a couple big flavor transistions like with the Oval and I would have given it a perfect score.
9:03 PM
StraightUpCigars: Overall, this just tasted downright good. No way around it. I did notch off a point for the hideous wrapper on mine. Really impressive cigar.
9:04 PM
Terry1: My favorite Diesel. I can’t believe the flavor compared to the cost. Great value! Good pick Darren.

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