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  1. Brent Perkins says:

    Nice curt,frank,therough sounding rev. Sounds like a tasty treat. keep up the good work. No fluff. Just real talk. Nice.

  2. Sticks says:

    Great review and very timely as I have been eyeing this up for the past few weeks. I was wondering if they were as good as they look. I like your no B.S. reviews.

  3. Dre says:

    nice review just bought a box hope i have the same experience.

  4. James says:

    Nice review. No BS. I smoked this cigar two days ago and I agree with the review. Price really is a steal. Thank You.

  5. Bryan says:

    My order of Cuba Libre One cigars came in on Monday and I patiently waited until Friday to smoke one so they could enjoy some Humidor time.
    I’m not one for full-bodied taste and this slow burning stogie maintains a nice mild-to-medium body for the first two thirds.
    I was able to pick these up for about $3 a cigar delivered. It tastes similar to some Cohiba red dots I payed much more for.
    These have a spicy aftertaste that’s lands on the front of your tongue.
    Great Review. I bought these purely on the word of the reviewer and am not dissatisfied.
    Keep it up!

  6. Matt says:

    Thanks for the kind words guys! As you probably know, I highly recommend the original Cuba Libre, but the One has even more to offer when it comes to complexity and body. For $3 a cigar, there is not a better deal out there. Happy smokes!

  7. Scott says:

    My baseline cigar (med-full) is the Gran Habano Vintage 2002 for Flavor Construction and Price. I judge all cigars off this cigar. Having smoked so called 92 and 95 CA (Cigar Aficionado) rated cigars, I’d put the GH 2002 at a 93 CA rating. Personally I would rate it a 91. Having said that the Cuba Libre One is an amazing cigar. Unlike most cigars I enjoyed the first inch and it only gets better as you progress through he cigar. Spicy and sweet with touches of coffee and peeper all the way through. I didn’t even get that bitterness towards the end that even some highly rated cigars get, maybe because I enjoyed it so much that I took my time? I’d pick this up over the med-full cigars I enjoy regularly (listed below) any day of the week, even if I could afford to smoke them every day!

    Rockey Patel: OWR, Edge, Patel Bros, 1961,Decade (highly overrated)
    Diesel: UC, Shorty (haven’t had the Unlimited)
    CAO: Brazilla, Italia, MX2, LX2
    Man O’ War Ruination
    Don Pepin: JJ, Cuban Classic
    Camacho Corojo
    5 Vegas Miami
    5 Vegas Relic
    5 Vegas Triple-A
    Padilla Miami

  8. Darren says:

    I like this guy! I too love the GH Vintage 02 and have stated it a couple times on the forum. There is no other cigar for 2 bucks a stick that even comes close…..except for the Cuba Libre One. Sometimes you can catch them on cbid pretty darn cheap. Since we are listing our regular smokes here I will include mine as well:

    Diesel and Diesel Unlimited (you gotta try this one!)
    Pinar Del Rio Oscuro / newer blend
    La Herencia Cubana Oscuro Fuerte
    Vengeance Maduro Ligero
    Cuba Libre One
    Gran Habano Vintage 2002
    Arganese ML3 (I think I have the last box of robustos in existance…)
    And bringing up the rear, the trusty old Oliva G Maduro.

  9. Anthony says:

    I’ve smoked a couple of the Cuba Libre One torpedoes. I tasted neither coffee nor sweet, just a little bit of the zing one gets from Nicaraguan tobacco. The draw and burn both seemed pretty good. For what it’s worth, a very nice looking band. Way too one dimensional for my taste. Certainly not deserving of CI’s hyperbolic description, which describes this stick as “[a]n ultra-bold, mega-flavorful super-premium.” Come on, CI.

  10. Bill campbell says:

    A truly great smoke for the buck. I was pleasantly surprised. I always keep some on hand, and am never afraid to offer to friends. Not much to complain about.

  11. Russell Moker says:

    Smoking my first CL One No. 2 Belicoso torpedo as I write this. It’s a nicely constructed stick and looks good. It draws very nicely with an even burn. I’m only in the first third but what struck me upon putting this beauty to my lips was the spicy, tangy taste of the robust wrapper. I tasted hints of coffee and vanilla, perhaps a bit of chocolate as well. It is burning farily evenly but somewhat quickly although I suppose I am a fast puffer! The smoke is tasty and cool despite what the quick burn. It leaves long ashes and continues to improve as it moves into the half. The smoke continues to be flavorful and rich.

    I got 10 of these from CI on sale for $27.50 with free shipping. This certainly the BEST under $3 cigar I’ve enjoyed in my long and sordid cigar smoking career. I look forward to enjoying more of these and recommend them to anyone who likes a full bodied premium smoke.

  12. John Werner says:

    Well, this is my surprise stick of 2012 and since it within about a month an a half until 2013 I’m sure this “is” the surprise of the year. Anyway, here’s my story…I got them in and I was at work. Now, I can have a cigar at work, I just can’t light it up inside. So, I dry inhaled it and tasted the unlit tobacco. Wow, dry this tasted like a hit of semi-sweet cocoa. I could enjoy this one without lighting it, so I did. I took it home and let it dry a bit on the input side. After a couple of hours I just had to light it up. I wasn’t disappointed in the least. Now the flavors was spicier with some sweet woodiness as well as a lighter cocoa/coffee flavor (not expresso as it never got near the point of harshness). I do believe it was actually creamy as well as intermittently spicy. Wonderfully complex, but super smooth plus a kick here and there. What’s not to like? This is a slam-bang winner, I’ve paid up to almost $30 for a special edition Padron and this one while certainly not as complex and rich is no slouch! Bargain hunters for big medium to medium heavy line up!

  13. Gary says:

    Agree with ALL of the above. GREAT smoke. IMO, to my taste buds to the brain, I got tons of licorice on the last 1/2. As John W. says “A SLAM BANG WINNER”. Hard to disagree. Thanks again Matt on the sampler.

  14. E Hookah says:

    what’s the hype about cubans aside from the fact that they’re not sold in the USA for the obvious reasons ?

  15. Darren says:

    My opinion is that there may have been a time when Cuban cigars were unmatched in flavor but there are enough other good growing regions that it is not the case anymore. I think there is still a lot of hype because just like the saying “the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence”, people will always have a fascination with something they can’t have or that is illegal to have. I was gifted a few Cuban cigars by a friend who travels there and while they were comparable to my other sticks they were not anything to brag about. Most of the expert blenders and their families had to move out of Cuba to make a living. So many of the well known cigar makers that we know today got there start in Cuba and have the kept their recipes and traditions the same but with tobacco from other regions.

  16. Peter Brown says:

    This cogar comes complete with a Dominican binder, Dominican and Nicaraguan stuffing tobaccos, and a clean, golden wrapper with few veins and significant tooth.

  17. C Bennett says:

    Review is spot on, I just found this site yesterday and have looked at some reviews of cigars that I already know.

    Been smokin’ these for a couple of years…. always have some in the humi. I think I’ll smoke one now….yes a “Cuba Libre One”!!!, the best damned inexpensive cigar made, in my opinion.

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