Cohiba Gran Reserva – Cigar Review

I sat and looked at it at first because I was a little intimidated because it’s been the “Holy Grail” for me…

The build was nice but, to me it seems compared to the BHK line, the BHK build is slightly prettier.

I sniffed the cigar and it had a real nice smell, toasty and and got a hint of cocoa.

I cut it and took a draw and the draw was just about perfect, not too loose. I could taste hints of grass, cocoa and nuttiness.

I carefully toasted the foot and lit the GR with a soft flame.

Lighting this cigar was quick and easy.

Upon first draw, lots of nice thick smoke…I could taste the smoothness right away. It tasted exactly like it smelled a little grassy, a hint again of cocoa (no i wasn’t eating or drinking chocolate) and nutty.
There was no taste of pepper at all no harshness whatsoever.

1/3 perfect draw…a light/medium bodied cigar with a some sweetness and toasty flavors, some coffee flavor and still smooth…

2/3 still right on…decent burn ash fell off right at about the 1/3. It was so good I was catching myself hitting it fast making it hot. I had to slow down and it smoothed out again. The smoothness and creaminess of the cigar remained, there was almost like a fruitiness coming through but, not sure which type. The burn wasn’t perfect so I had to fix it once in but, that could have been my fault too. It was subtle up to this point.

last third…I was waiting for the cigar to get peppery but instead, the flavors remained but were amplified. The creaminess and smoothness were magnificent. There was no harshness to this cigar whatsoever throughout the cigar. I literally smoked this to the nub and even down to the nub it was consistent in the flavor profile…just a bit stronger at the end.

I WILL be doing this cigar again…I just need to get my hands on a couple more.

I know there are many people that laugh at the price and such and the price isn’t anything to sneeze at but, I loved it. It was more than twice the price of my, much loved, BHK54 but not twice the cigar. I don’t mean that in a bad way. IMHO the price of cigars after about $50 the difference is subtle and if you can appreciate those subtleties it is worth it. Sorry it’s such a long post and it doesn’t make sense.

Short and sweet…
I loved it.

By: Gerald

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