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  1. ProphetNoir says:

    I have to agree with you on all points of the review. It has been about one year since I smoked the first of three CGRs that I acquired. Yes the cost gave me a long pause before completing the purchase, but I was drawn in part by all of the hype and then more largely by the fact that I really trusted the reviewers who said it was the best they had ever smoked. I understand that some have said that a Siglo VI with a few years on it is as good or possibly better. Respectfully, I submit that they may not have ever had a CGR, so they cannot make such claims. It isn’t something to smoke on the porch where an errant breeze might rush the burn or worse cause it to go crooked. I can only repeat what has already been stated with regard to the flavor profile and the perfection of the burn and draw.
    As to whether or not it is worth the asking price, I am not a wealthy man, in fact I have been unemployed for more than two years now and I was unemployed when I bought the three CGRs. Nonetheless, when I think of the price of a meal at a fine restaurant, which takes about as long to enjoy and will eventually be flushed from my system without ceremony yet still remembered with the greatest affection, I can say yes because I still have two left. If nothing else, they have received the very best of care in my humidor nestled amongst half a box of Montecristo Sublime LEs. The Montecristos are also among the very best I have ever smoked, but if the CGRs rate a 10 in my book, the Montes are a distant 8.
    When I next enjoy one for my upcoming October birthday, I hope to be indoors at my favorite cigar bar and I will pair it with a very good cognac. I hope I will be celebrating employment once again also. I just don’t know if I will ever find another cigar in which I will be willing to invest funds better spent elsewhere.
    I have no remorse.


  2. Peter Brown says:

    This cigar makes me feel like the world is in slow motion. It is time for indication and quiet.

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