Cohiba 2010 Behike BHK line…

The Cohiba Behike for 2010, are the same name as the 40th Anniversary Cohiba cigar. They use the top 2 leaves of the tobacco plant called the medio tiempo in the blend, because they are the top 2 leaves they get the most sun, therefore giving the blend more flavor and strength. The box that these come in are simply amazing for a “regular” production cigar. The lacquered black box is simply beautiful. The construction of the cigars are amazing, they are beautiful and consistent through each one in the box. They are actually “prettier” than the Cohiba Gran Reserva I recently smoked. The bands on these cigars are beautiful, with holograms to make counterfeiting harder to do, so much for that… 

I’ve smoked 3 BHK52s
4 BHK54s
2 BHK56s

BHK52: I honestly smoked this cigar because of CA rating it number 1 for 2010. This was the first of all the BHK line that I smoked. It lit easily and smoked evenly. I was surprised by how smooth and creamy the cigar was but, I let my guard down and man this thing “kicked” my butt. It had some cocoa flavoring and just a little bit of spice…there was a just a little bit of pepper. The cigar wasn’t too spicy at all and was a medium smoke. I was sad to see it end and it was the best cigar I had smoke ever, to that point.

BHK54: I was excited by the size this cigar. The 54 gauge made me feel like it wouldn’t “mess” me up like the 52. Again the construction was near perfect. The light and burn were easy and even. I think the gauge made it ideal, didn’t burn as hot. It became my favorite cigar almost instantly. This cigar was so creamy. I fell in love almost instantly. This cigar didn’t “mess” me up till 15 mins after finished. I should have eaten a little bit more hearty before smoking.

BHK56: This cigar is just HUGE! It was a long smoke and just like the others the construction was impeccable. I made sure I hate a nice meal before smoking this beast. Like the 2 others it was easy to light and burned evenly. The draw was very easy, I’m sure due to the larger ring gauge. It seemed to me that it wasn’t as complex as the other 2 but had a little more grassiness to the flavor.

My favorite of the 3 types, BHK54, the other cigars are amazing, don’t get me wrong. Because of size the BHK52 is the strongest of the 3, I do like it though. The BHK56 is just a little too big, the ring gauge does help it though smoke a little milder than the other 2.

Just like Little Red Riding Hood, the middle one was just right or in this instance the middle one was just close to perfect.


By: Gerald

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