Cigar Mechanic – Accessory Review

I recently was sent a Cigar Mechanic for review by  The Cigar Mechanic is an accessory that will keep your cigars humidified in your travel case.  I used this item almost as soon as I got it on three separate occasions: on a weekend trip, a trip to the casino, and a week long vacation.  It is roughly the size of a cigar, so it fits perfectly in a Cigar Caddy or any other travel case.  In the past, I used the cheap black plastic humidifier that has the green foam inside.  These cheapos are very susceptible to molding and can sometimes leak water into your travel case.  When the Mechanic arrived, I followed the directions to moisten the beads inside of it and packed it into my cigar carry case for a weekend trip.  It performed perfectly.  No leaking, no molding, and it kept my cigars hydrated for the entire weekend.  The best part is, you can use this thing over and over again.
You may be wondering, why do I need one of these?  It is very important to keep your cigars at the correct humidity in order for them to smoke well.  Even on a short trip, your cigars can dry out fast.  If you do not bring cigars on your trips, you may still consider getting one of these.  Let’s say you take a trip and find a really cool cigar shop with great deals.  You will want to keep your cigars safe and moist on the way home, so bring this and your cigar caddy with you!  CH is selling this size Cigar Mechanic for only $9.99, so buying one is a no-brainer, especially if you travel with cigars often like I do.  It makes a great holiday or birthday gift for someone, or even yourself!


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