Carlos Torano Signature Collection – Cigar Review

Cigar: Carlos Torano Signature Collection

Maker: Carlos Torano
Size: 6×50 Toro 

Prelight Inspection:
Carlos Torano is known for high quality cigars and from the looks of this one he has done it again. The Brazilian Maduro wrapper is rolled tightly and although it has a few minor blemishes the overall sheen and lack of large veins makes this a beauty. The double band is very classy. I like the gold border. I can feel no hard or soft spots and looking at the foot, it appears to be packed very well. The wrapper has a very slight sweet, earthy aroma and the cold draw adds some more sweetness.


1st Third:
The cigar lit very well and right off the bat this cigar is putting off a lot of smoke. The earthiness is very mellow and there is also a slight almond flavor on the first few draws. After about ½ inch in it has picked up more sweetness in the form of maple syrup. Going into the second third I am starting to get a hint of spice.

2nd Third:
Ash is holding well and the burn is straight and true. I am definitely getting more spice now. The mixture of the maple syrup and spice is a really great mix. The overall character of the cigar is still very mellow and has never left the medium bodied range. As I approach the last third the spice has started to subside a little and the cigar is starting to taste more like a true maduro with a little Cocoa coming through.

Last Third:
The cigar has just started to pick up a slight bitterness but its not bad. Infact it is giving it more of a coffee type of flavor. The underlying earthiness has never left the picture and makes the finish very satisfying. Even now the body is only barely inching into the full bodied realm. The burn has been great the whole way. I must note however, that a few small cracks began to form in the wrapper when the burn crossed into the last third. It did not affect the burn or flavor in any way.

This is a very flavorful cigar even though it wasn’t very rich or strong.  According to Famous Smoke this cigar is made with Honduran and Nicaraguan ligero. If that is true then they did a great job with the blending and fermenting because this cigar was never strong or overpowering. This is one of those cigars that almost anyone can enjoy. The only negative thing I can say about this cigar is that it had a few minor wrapper issues. This cigar retails for around 6-7 bucks a stick and I think it is worth trying a few. 

Flavor and Taste: 18/20
Construction: 8/10
Wrapper: 4/5
Value: 9/10
Would I buy a box: 3/5
Total: 42/50


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