Carlos Torano Exodus 50 Years – Cigar Review

Cigar: Exodus 50 Years
Maker: Carlos Torano
Size: Robusto 5×50

Prelight Inspection:
The combination of the gorgeous Brazilian Arapiraca wrapper with the copper Exodus double band makes this a very elegant looking cigar. It appears to be constructed very well with no hard or soft spots and I can find no wrapper flaws. There is a sweet cedary smell coming from the cigar. I chose to cut the cap with my palio. That may have been a mistake as it appears the wrapper is a little fragile and I have caused a 1/2” long split to form. Hopefully the binder will hold up. The prelight draw is perfect and there is a little bit of spice coming through. Let’s get her lit shall we.

1st Third:
Right from the get go this sucker is packing the flavor. There is a sweet cedar base with some roasted nuts that is giving it a nice buttery character. At about a quarter inch in some pepper has come right to the forefront but it is not overpowering and is just making this cigar nice and bold. Burn is starting to get a little lopsided but I will see if it corrects itself.
2nd Third:
The pepper has slowly faded to the background and the sweetness has come back in. Now it is coming through as a smooth and buttery caramel. There is still a little bit of cedar but it is being smothered by the caramel. Nearing the last third a little bit of spice is building up. It is very unique and I can only assume that it is from the Arapiraca wrapper. The mix of all the flavors has become very succulent. And the best part is there has been almost no nicotine kick. This is only now edging into the full bodied category.
Last Third:
Now the sweetness has faded again and I am mostly picking up the spice. I can also taste the roasted nuts again. The burn has gradually corrected itself and the wrapper has not split any further. I have decided to put this one down just short of the nub because it is heating up a bit and I don’t want to ruin a great smoking experience.

The bold flavors and complexity really wowed me with this cigar. I wish the wrapper wasn’t quite so fragile but the flavor it added gave the cigar a lot more depth with the spice, so I won’t complain too much. I believe that a punch cut may alleviate any wrapper splitting issues. Overall I would say this is the best Torano cigar I have had yet. And the best part is it’s not too strong so almost anyone can enjoy it. Another must try from Carlos Torano!
Flavor and Taste: 20/20
Construction: 8/10
Wrapper: 3/5
Price Point: 8/10
Would I buy a box: 4/5
Total: 43/50

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