Carlos Torano 1916 Cameroon – Cigar Review

Carlos Torano 1916 Robusto Review

I am back with a review of the Torano 1916 cameroon cigar.

I removed it from the cedar sheath and found that the cameroon wrapper is a beautiful chocolate brown with only a couple of medium sized veins.

The construction is nice – evenly packed and the slightest bit spongy.

I chose to cut this cigar and the draw was a little stiff.  After being cut and mouthed a bit, the wrapper at the head became loose, but never completely unraveled.

It has a very nice smell, lots of cedar with some peppermint.  Soft smelling, but smells good.

I lit it up and found the draw to be manageable, but tight.  The first third’s medium body smoke was exceptionally smooth and creamy.  It produced an overall flavor that I would liken to chicken broth.

The second third really got interesting – the 1916 produced tons of medium/full body smoke.  The second third was dominated by a toasty and earthy core with a buttery pepper finish.  I also tasted some vanilla in there.

The final third really kicked it up a notch to full body.  It still had the buttery and toasty flavor, but it developed a very spicy pepper finish.

Overall, this is a good cigar.  The construction was good with an even burn and lots of smoke.  The flavor was not complex, but far from dull.  It was not so powerful a cigar that it would knock anyone off of their toes, but it did reach full body strength by the time the final third rolled in.  I think most would enjoy this cigar.

Flavor and Taste: 16/20

Construction: 9/10

Wrapper: 4/5

Value: 9/10

Would I buy a Box: 4/5

Total: 42/50

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