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  1. Bill campbell says:

    Truly enjoyed your reviews on this one, and am in full agreement. Definitely worth burning a few nose hairs to smoke this one to the end. Oliva hit another one out of the park with this one.

  2. Gary says:

    I have a Cain Daytona Torpedo sitting in front of me as I type. I like the pre-light sniff. Man, I better not be disappointed after the high raves you guys gave it. Seems like you guys really enjoyed it. I’ll probably smoke it after dinner and BEFORE my beloved New Orleans Saints play The Falcons tonight on TNF. If this Saints lose I’ll probably end up hating the Cain so a bone before the game is in order. I’ll send in my report later.

  3. Gary says:

    Ok, The Saints lost and my football season is officially over (11/30/2012 BUT I smoked The Cain Daytona before the game so my views were not tainted.

    My Review:

    As soon as I clipped the end of the torpedo and did a pre light toke, I knew the draw wouldn’t be so great so I had to go to the toothpick and work it in. On the light up, it bit and bit hard. I gave it my customary 10 to 15 tokes and whiffed in the pleasurable cedar aroma and gave it my 5 minute breathing period. It held a nice head and I continued smoking, plenty of cedar remained and some walnut kicked in. It was really harsh through the nostrils though, not something I’m accustomed to. The ash burned mostly white with a little pepper built in and fell off about an inch and a half into the bone. It was burning really slow but true and the draw got somewhat better. As I smoked on ,I noticed the volume wasn’t quite there and a few double draws were needed. Halfway through I made a FATAL mistake. I inhaled a decent size draw through my mouth and all that went through my mind was 911. Man, that was I killer, I almost puked. That was REALLY REALLY hard on the ole breathing apparatus. I stopped right there.

    Overall I’d call it a premium cigar from the price stand point. Nutty wood and slow burner that lived up to most of it exceptions from fellow burners. I’d give it an 8.1 on the Gary Scale. I wish I could have smoke the rest but my lungs were on fire. I think I’ll take a non-stick rest tonight, Yeah Right!

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