Asylum 33 – Cigar Review

Up for review is the Asylum 33 cigar.  These are touted as a small-batch cigar utilizing rare tobaccos.  It’s a nice looking cigar with an earthy note on the cold draw.  Once lit up, the flavor is complex right off the bat.  It’s well-balanced mix of a sweet creamy flavor and a baking spice flavor.  It does have a nicotine kick that creeps up on you at the end.  The construction was perfect on booth sticks.  Overall, there’s a whole lot to like about this cigar.  Everything is enjoyable except for the price tag, which hurts it on our value scores.  It’s definitely worth trying out!

Terry1: Rating:
Flavor and Taste: 17/20
Construction: 10/10
Wrapper: 5/5
Price Point: 8/10
Would I buy a Box: 4/5
Total: 44/50

IamDarren: Rating:
Flavor and Taste: 18/20
Construction: 10/10
Wrapper: 5/5
Price Point: 8/10
Would I buy a Box: 4/5
Total: 45/50

7:33 PM
IamDarren: Just pulled mine out of the cello. Getting a a very interesting almond extract sort of scent from the wrapper and foot. Construction is perfect. Nice medium brown wrapper. Very tight seams. Extremely tight roll but after i clipped the draw is perfect.
7:34 PM
IamDarren: Little hint of earth and spice also on the cold draw. Excited to see what the lit flavors will deliver.
7:37 PM
Terry1: Same here. I’m glad you picked this one tonight. I’m a fan of Asylum and have wanted to try this. Getting a nice draw off of mine with a cedar and earth note. Cigar looks well rolled. I’m ready to light up and find out what this bad boy has to offer,
7:38 PM
IamDarren: Geeez. I remember winning these on the bid site for a pretty decent price, but looking up the blend this one sells for over 10 bucks a stick….. Now im really excited! Lets light it up.
7:38 PM
Terry1: Lighting up!
7:40 PM
IamDarren: Mine started off very creamy with an earthy base and some spice notes. Spice is building and already getting a hint of pepper after a few more puffs.
7:42 PM
IamDarren: Picking up lots of complexity. Little bit of sweetness in there. Lots of spice in the sinus but there is an underlying creamy texture thats keeping it in check.
7:44 PM
Terry1: I’m a bit surprised with the creamy start. There’s a bit of spice and some cedar and a mild sweetness. I’m only in a few puffs so I’ll see if mine picks up.
7:45 PM
IamDarren: Hope you weather is as nice as ours. Last several days have been in the 70s. 50s at night. Just turned the central air off and crack the window at night. Wish this could last for a couple months.
7:47 PM
IamDarren: After a short rest the pepper is almost gone and spice has come down a level. Solid medium body now.
7:49 PM
Terry1: It’s been warmer than normal here but that changes tonight. Might get some snow. It’ll melt tomorrow. Nice to have temps back in the 40s. Your 70s sound really nice. Hasn’t been that warm yet here.
7:50 PM
IamDarren: They don’t talk much about the tobacco in this cigar except that it is aged 7 years. Wondering if this has some habano, either in the filler or the wrapper. There is an underlying spice that seems to be neck and neck with the sweetness. Its very bright and comes through the sinus like a habano cigar.
7:52 PM
IamDarren: Burn line is decent. Ash started to separate so i tapped it off in the tray. About 3/4 of an inch.
7:54 PM
Terry1: This cigar is not what I expected. Nice balance between the spice and the sweetness but to me they are both on the mild side. Very creamy. I’m liking it but I expected a bigger punch. Maybe it will come later. Burn and smoke production is good.
7:55 PM
IamDarren: They tout this one as a medium-full so maybe it will pick up a little in the second half. Im not let down though. Its nice to have decent flavor and complexity in a medium body. Guess we will see if it transitions.
7:57 PM
Terry1: The taste left in my mouth is tannic and drying. Makes me thirsty.
7:58 PM
IamDarren: Looks like they are getting to be quite a few Asylum blends. I had an Insidious from a B&M last year and it was decent but not worth buying a bunch more. However, now they have a Habano and maduro version. Might be worth a look.
8:00 PM
IamDarren: Im smoking fairly slow and im getting an almost perfect mix of spice, sweetness, and creaminess. Sorta reminds me of a spiced vanilla latte. Seems to be getting more mellow and creamy as i approach the second third.
8:00 PM
Terry1: I like the Habano and maduro versions. Just picked up another 5 pack of each.
8:00 PM
IamDarren: Really! Nice. Didn’t know you were such a fan.
8:01 PM
IamDarren: Have you tried the Schizo?
8:02 PM
IamDarren: looks like a cheap bundle cigar but have some decent reviews
8:04 PM
Terry1: I’ve met Tom Lazuka five times now at the festival. I’ve tried almost everything he’s released. I did not like the Schizo but it’s been a couple of years since I’ve tried it.
8:05 PM
IamDarren: Wow thats neat. I bet it would be helpful to meet the guys that come up with the blends. Get a sense of what they are trying to achieve when they make it.
8:06 PM
Terry1: Yeah, he is a very nice guy and is willing to talk with you.
8:06 PM
IamDarren: Im pretty sure most of the spice is from the wrapper. Mine just started burning faster on one side and i got a decent spice kick.
8:09 PM
IamDarren: That spice is quite uniqe. CI calls it a baking spice. It does seem kinda like a spice blend. I keep getting different hints of flavor with it.
8:10 PM
Terry1: Mine has been burning evenly and I haven’t noticed an increase in spice. The spice is mild for me. Creamy and mild sweetness with a touch of coffee is what I’m picking up. I am enjoying the smoke.
8:12 PM
IamDarren: Im also enjoying it. So many cigars are going for such full body these days that some of the more complex flavors get overpowered. This one is easy smoking and has a decent amount of complexity.
8:12 PM
IamDarren: I can sip on my beverage instead of chugging it, which is nice
8:13 PM
Terry1: I agree. This is in my preference zone. Full bodied/strength cigars typically overwhelm my palate. Now that I’m focusing on the spice it is unique. I’m trying to find a descriptor for it and what came to mind is something like a ginger snap cookie. A little spice and a little sweetness.
8:14 PM
IamDarren: yeah, its definitely unique to this cigar. So props to them for that.
8:16 PM
IamDarren: I am starting to pick up a hint of coffee on the finish. Very light.
8:18 PM
IamDarren: Im trying to decide whether to pull the trigger on a box of those Leccia Black labels. Found them on sale for 30 bucks a box. Smoked on the other day and really enjoyed it. That extra little bit of smokey flavor is really appealing to me.
8:19 PM
IamDarren: Seems like the more cigars i smoke the more i appreciate a little bit milder cigar with more complexity and unique flavor.
8:20 PM
Terry1: I’ve noticed them going on clearance too. It’s a good cigar.
8:21 PM
IamDarren: My problem is that i don’t really NEED them. lol
8:22 PM
IamDarren: just my nature i guess. Hard to pass up a good deal on a cigar that i know is a decent stick.
8:22 PM
Terry1: Same here. I added that fridgador last year for extra space and it’s packed with cigars now.
8:23 PM
IamDarren: I think they should warn people that connoisseur and collector are the same thing.
8:24 PM
IamDarren: kinda like collector and hoarder are the same
8:24 PM
Terry1: Lol that’s funny and true. I’m a little over half way, (slow smoking cigar), the spice is picking up. Getting really delicious right now. Just the right amount of spice and sweetness.
8:25 PM
IamDarren: Agreed, im at about the same spot. Probably an inch from the band. Spice and sweetness are on in the same and with the medium body they really coat the palate. Very enjoyable smoke thus far.
8:27 PM
IamDarren: smoke production has been great and the burn line is near perfect now. Very good construction on this cigar.
8:27 PM
Terry1: Same here.
8:27 PM
IamDarren: Just removed the band. Very small amount of glue. Came off easily and cleanly.
8:29 PM
IamDarren: Glad that i finally found one to review that is up your alley. Seems like i always find the rich full bodied cigars.
8:30 PM
IamDarren: Though i have found that some of the full bodied cigars tend to mellow out with a year or two in the humi so its been fun digging them out and smoking them again to compare.
8:31 PM
Terry1: Yeah I get a little anxious when I get a shipment from you. Although I just stood up to turn on a fan and I can feel the nicotine. This one sneeks up on you.
8:32 PM
IamDarren: lol. Can you imagine what this one would be like if they had only aged the tobacco a year or two instead of seven…. Probably a whole different cigar.
8:33 PM
Terry1: Yeah I imagine it would be a lot stronger.
8:33 PM
IamDarren: I suppose that accounts for the price point.
8:35 PM
IamDarren: i can’t even imagine what that would be like to blend a cigar knowing that i would have to wait that long to get a finished product. As a farmer i hate storing grain for more than a year.
8:36 PM
IamDarren: Almost an hour into this sucker and im just now starting the final third. Wow.
8:37 PM
Terry1: Yeah there is a lot of patience with this industry. More than what I have.
8:38 PM
Terry1: No real changes in the final third yet but it is smoking great. I’m enjoying the flavors. I’ll have to keep an eye out for a sale and buy some more.
8:39 PM
IamDarren: You have to wonder if they originally weren’t goint to age it that long. Tried it after a couple years, nope not ready. Then four… nope still not ready. All the employees are looking at you like you are crazy. I promise its almost there! Just a few more years. lol
8:43 PM
IamDarren: I think its getting a little bit richer. But its been such a slow process its hard to pick up on it. Sorta like starting with vanilla ice cream and then slowly adding a little chocolate syrup until you mostly get chocolate.
8:45 PM
Terry1: Wow I’m really feeling the nicotine now. Glad we’re almost done. It does taste richer. Still the same flavors.
8:47 PM
IamDarren: got a tiny crack in the wrapper now but i can’t fault the cigar. It has started to cool off outside so its probably just the weather. I can rate anytime. About an inch left on mine. Last third is smoking faster but still mostly the same flavor. Just a bit stronger.
8:48 PM
Terry1: Yeah I’m done here. It’s getting too hot to hold. I can rate.
8:50 PM
IamDarren: If these were priced cheaper it would be a must buy. Great cigar.
8:51 PM
Terry1: Good cigar. Excellent construction. Did get a bit strong for me towards the end. The price is a bit high for me but I think the cigar is worth trying. I’ll be looking to buy a fiver of the Asylum 33.

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