Arturo Fuente Chateau Fuente Queen B – Cigar Review

Arturo Fuente Chateau Fuente Queen B Belicoso

This Fuente features a very dark and oily Equadorian sungrown wrapper that has just 1 large vein running the length of cigar.

It is a little spongy and evenly packed.  After cutting the cap the draw was pretty much perfect – open but with some resistance.

It has an awesome sweet and earthy smell.

Other than the large vein running down the cigar, the Fuente Chateau Queen B looks and smells amazing!

The first third produces a very buttery and pungent earthy flavor followed by a sweet finish with a hint of spice.  Great tasting, but the construction has no been perfect so far.  The flaky light gray ash fell off early and the burn is not quite even.

The second third began with the cigar’s draw tightening up a bit.  I lightly chewed on it and the problem was solved!  It now has a great draw again.  The smoke is medium bodied with a very buttery and earthy base followed by a sweet finish.  After each puff my lips taste like honey!  Burn is still off kilter, but the taste is terrific.

The final third starts with a much needed burn correction.  The flavors are all pepper and spice which is more of what I would have expected of a sungrown wrapped cigar.

Overall, this is a good cigar by Arturo Fuente.  It provided lots of medium bodied tasty earthy and spicy flavor with a sweet finish.  The construction left a lot to be desired, especially considering this is a fairly pricey stick from AF.  I received this cigar in a Chateau Fuente Belicoso Sampler from Thompson.  I will let you know if the other vitolas fair better in the construction category, but for now I like the flavor profile enough to deem these “worth a try”!

Flavor and Taste: 18/20
Construction: 6/10
Wrapper: 4/5
Price Point: 7/10
Would I buy a Box: 3/5
Total: 38/50

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