Arganese ML3 – Cigar Review


Cigar: ML3

Maker: Arganese

Size: Robusto (5×50)

Prelight Inspection:

This cigar has a very dark maduro wrapper bordering on oscuro. There are several veins throughout the length but they do not protrude much. It does have a very nice, well rounded double cap. There are a couple small holes and other imperfections that do detract a little from the overall appearance. The band is also a little flashy but that seems to be the trend lately so I can’t complain. The cigar feels a little too spongy which leads me to think this one may burn fast, but hopefully the extra ligero will keep the burn cool. I’m not picking up much aroma from the wrapper, just a little bit of sweet tobacco scent. After a nice clean cut the draw is as I expected, a little loose. However, I have had worse so I will call it acceptable. I am also picking up a little pepper on the pre-light draw. So now I guess its time to get started toasting.



1st Third

There is a decent amount of pepper in the initial few puffs, however it quickly begins to mellow and some sweetness is starting to edge its way in. Now after about a half inch the sweetness has built into a very nice creamy mocha flavor that is mixing with the pepper nicely. The pepper is most prominent on the finish and on the retro-hale. The finish lingers quite awhile on this one and makes you keep coming back for more.

2nd Third

The cigar is burning a little fast but the ash is holding well. The flavors have become a little darker. I am now getting more of a bitter-sweet dark chocolate flavor up front. The pepper is still there but not as noticeable. I have noticed that if I smoke it slow it is a lot more mellow and creamy and if I smoke it too fast it becomes bitterer. This really makes me wish that the cigar was rolled a little tighter to slow down the burn and keep it on the mellow side.

Last Third

The cigar is starting to burn a little hot and is making the pepper the more dominant flavor. I am also getting a toasty flavor that reminds me of dry roasted nuts. As long as I pace myself the cigar is still very enjoyable though. The burn is becoming a little harder to manage and required a couple touch-ups. As I approach the nub the cigar is burning way too hot and I have decided to put it down a little early.


Overall I really enjoyed this cigar. Even with the construction and burn issues it had some very good flavors packed in there and the finish always left me wanting more. I would say that it was fairly complex and had some noticeable flavor changes throughout the cigar. If this cigar was being sold for over 5 bucks a stick I would probably pass it up. However, I picked this one up on the monster for just over 2 bucks a stick and it can be had for around 3 bucks retail. When it is put is this price range I personally think it is a good buy and would definitely recommend that you try a few, especially if you are looking for a good quality everyday smoke. In my opinion if this cigar was packed a little tighter and the wrapper quality was better it would definitely be considered a premium.

Upcoming Review!

My next review has graciously been donated by our newest forum member, Jonesie. He was also the winner of the 3 cigar forum giveaway that I hosted in February. If you get the chance, please stop by and give us a shout. The ONLY thing required is that you log in, after which you can participate however you wish. Neither Matt nor I consider ourselves aficionado’s. We are just two guys who enjoy smoking cigars and chatting about it. The forum is still fairly new and we would greatly appreciate having some more BOTL’s to chat with. With that being said, I would like to thank Jonesie for taking a little time to join and participate in the forum. And a great BIG thanks for the cigar I am going to be reviewing next!


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Wrapper:  1  2  3 4  5

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Would I Buy an Entire Box?  1  2  3  4 5

Total Score:  35 out of 50

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