Alec Bradley Tempus – Cigar Review

Cigar: Tempus

Maker: Alec Bradley

Size: Terra Nova 5×50

Prelight Inspection:

This cigar has a very dark Criollo wrapper that has small veins and a very nice sheen to it. The typical Alec Bradley band really stands out, and if that weren’t enough it has another small band at the foot that says Tempus is large bold lettering. The construction is very good with a triple cap. It is tightly packed with only one small slightly spongy spot. It has a nice aroma with a hint of spice and some earthiness. After the cut it gives a medium to medium/firm draw. I like it a tad bit looser but its not bad. Time to fire it up.

1st Third:

Right from the beginning it has a very buttery character with an earthy base. It is producing lots of smoke and the burn is off to a great start. As I get a little further in it is providing some mellow spice which gives it a nice depth. It comes after the butter and lands mostly in the back of the mouth.

2nd Third:

Still getting the smooth butter up front but the spice has increased slightly. Also, I am now picking up an almond flavor that adds some complexity. As I approach the last third I am getting some pepper along with the spice. I still have not gotten much sweetness but the buttery character helps keep it in a medium/full body.

Last Third:

The cigar is heating up a bit. The butter has subsided and now I’m just getting flavors of mixed nuts, spice, and a little pepper. The burn has been relatively good for an Alec Bradley and the ash has also held on well.


This is a pretty good stick for an Alec Bradley. That being said I just was not that impressed considering the hype behind this blend. I have had several other cigars in this price range that I like a lot more. It could also just be my taste buds so don’t write this one off completely. I will have to let the others rest in the humi and see if they improve with time.


Flavor and Taste: 12/20

Construction: 9/10

Wrapper: 4/5

Was It Worth The Price: 6/10

Would I Buy A Box: 2/5

Total: 33/50

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