A New Sponsor!

Straight Up Cigars is proud to introduce a new sponsor.  Bucanero Cigars is a well kept secret in the cigar industry.  If you have not heard of them before, please take a minute to read about this company on their website by clicking the above link.  You can look forward to reading some detailed reviews of Bucanero cigars in the months to come.

While I am on the subject of reviews, I want to thank our dedicated readership for continualy checking back in during these slow winter months.  I am looking forward to warmer weather and MANY new reviews to come!

On the forum, Darren has taken some time to write up some excellent instructions on putting together a coolerdor!  I know a lot of us have been stocking up on cigars during the winter, and space in the humidors is getting tight!  I am sure this will come in handy for some of our frugal members (including myself ;))  You can read more here: Coolerdor


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